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Welcome to GESON Chiller, a leading provider of industrial chillers designed to meet the cooling needs of various industries. With a strong focus on efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology, our industrial chillers are trusted by businesses worldwide.

At GESON Chiller, the best industrial chillers, we understand the critical role that precise temperature control plays in industrial processes. Our industrial chillers are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring optimal cooling for your applications. With a wide range of cooling capacities and temperature control options, our chillers can meet the demands of diverse industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and HVAC systems.

What sets our industrial chillers apart is their energy efficiency and innovative features. Our chillers are built with state-of-the-art components and advanced refrigeration systems that maximize cooling efficiency while minimizing energy consumption. This not only helps reduce operational costs but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Reliability is at the core of our industrial chillers. We prioritize durability and robustness, ensuring that our chillers can withstand demanding industrial environments. Our commitment to quality means that our chillers are built to last, providing you with years of reliable cooling performance.

At GESON Chiller, we believe in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We offer comprehensive support, including installation guidance, maintenance services, and prompt technical assistance to keep your chiller operating at peak performance.

Discover the power of the best industrial chillers and experience efficient cooling solutions that enhance productivity and optimize your processes. Contact us today to discuss your cooling needs, request a quote, or schedule a consultation.

GESON Industrial Chiller – Your Trusted Partner for Industrial Cooling Solutions.

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Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Customize 30ton~300ton Industrial Chiller

  • Cooling Capacity Ranges: 30 Ton~4500 Ton.

  • Coolant Temperature from -140℃~30℃

  • Industrial Chiller Price: US$10000~90000

  • Adopts Famous Bitzer Compressor, Hanbell Compressor, Fusheng Compressor;

  • Compressor Energy Efficiency is 20%~30% Higher;

  • Coolant:Water, Brine, Ethylene Glycol, Dichloromethane and Trichlorofluoromethane;

  • Compact Structure Design and Small Footprint;

  • Mostly Applied inThe Laser Technology, Welding, Plastic Molding, Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Bottle, Thermoplastic Molding, and etc.

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Air Cooled Screw Chillers

Industrial Air Chiller

Introducing Industrial Air Cooled Water Chiller

  • Efficient cooling solution for various industrial processes.
  • Versatile applications in manufacturing, plastics, food processing, and more.
  • Utilizes air-cooled technology, no constant water supply is needed.
  • Compact design, suitable for space-constrained environments.
  • Energy-efficient with smart monitoring systems.
  • Customizable options for specific cooling needs.
  • Environmentally friendly with eco-friendly refrigerants.
  • Reliable brands offer warranties and excellent support.
Industrial Water Cooler (2)

Industrial Water Chiller

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Advantages of Geson Chiller

We want to be your expert chiller manufacturer in China

 Geson Chiller offers more than 15 years of experience in the chiller manufacturing industry. We can supply you with chiller solution for every need – big or small.

In those years of experience, we have worked with a wide range of companies needing different chiller solutions for every application. We know how to calculate the cooling load requirement and the appropriate chiller size to meet your requirements. If you have any questions about choosing the right system for the job, we can recommend the best solution.

The years of experience in the industry are a testament to the quality and reliability of our chillers. We have worked with numerous businesses and they depend on us to provide them with the best chiller solutions for their operation. It speaks to our longevity as a business and we hope to provide the same quality service to you and your business.

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Geson Chiller is your one-stop solution for all of your chiller needs. We have a wide range of products to choose from such as water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, screw chiller, scroll chiller, HVAC chiller, industrial water chiller, process chiller, injection molding chiller, and heat pumps.

You do not need to look elsewhere because everything you need to build an efficient chiller system is right here. Our range of products ensures that we can cater to any industry and for any cooling need. We can provide you with a complete package that is ready for installation on your site. We can also customize the design of the chiller unit to match your unique specifications.

We can also provide additional parts and services if you wish to expand your chiller unit capacity, or if you want to make modifications. Whatever it is you need, you can reach out to us for your concerns and we can help you out.

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Geson Chiller manufactures all types of chiller systems – from standalone units to portable ones. We also have central chillers for large-scale use or high-rise buildings. We can even provide chiller systems for industrial processes or residential and office use.

We specialize in industrial and commercial chillers. Therefore, we can provide every type of chiller that you can imagine. We have air or water cooled chiller. We also offer different types of chillers based on the type of compressors used. We work closely with you to ensure that you have all of the components you need to achieve your desired cooling effect.

We also offer chillers at different cooling capacities. We manufacture chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 3 tons to 4500 tons. Our chillers can operate at a temperature of as low as -145 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. We offer a complete full product series to provide different solutions for different cooling requirements.

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Geson Chiller offers the highest quality chillers that can meet global quality standards. It is our goal to not only provide chiller solution for your needs, but also one that is superior in quality and safe.

How do we ensure superior quality? All of our chillers go through top quality control procedures. This is how we control the quality and safety of our products when used for various applications.

We have a team composed of professional R&D engineers along with professionals with manufacturing experience. Our team members work together to design and build the highest quality chillers for your processes. This is how we ensure that the chillers we manufacture are of the highest quality standard so you can get the best results from their use.

In addition, we employ the use of the highest quality parts for the components and rely on state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This is how we can guarantee the quality of our chiller systems from start to finish of the manufacturing process.

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Geson Chiller is recognized as one of the top chiller manufacturers in China and some parts of Asia. However, our chiller products are exported to various parts of the world.

Our expert team of chiller manufacturers can satisfy export-quality production to ensure that we cater to customers from all over the world. Our chillers have been exported to North and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Our global market reach continues to expand as we continue to gain global attention with our products. We strive to continually improve on the quality of the chillers we manufacture to suit the unique specifications of each industry we serve.

It is our aim to be recognized as the top and expert chiller manufacture in the world, and not just in China.

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Geson Chiller offers a wide range of chiller products to choose from. It is part of our commitment to become recognized as a one-stop solution for all your chiller needs. However, we can also customize our chiller solutions to suit your unique cooling requirements.

If, for whatever reason, our current range of chillers that we offer is unable to meet your specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of expert engineers in chiller manufacturing can develop a unique design according to your desired cooling capacity, chiller size, and the specific type of cooling needed.

Our range of chillers can cater to a wide range of industries. The wide application of our chillers include commercial facilities, chemical industry, plastic injection, pharmaceutical, ice rink projects, computer server room, food and beverage processing, cold storage rooms, die casting, printing, laboratory equipment room, and more.

If you belong to any of these industries (or not), we can cater to your specific chiller needs. There is no build to big or small for us at Geson Chiller.

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All Types of Water Cooler Industrial Products

Modular Air Chiller

Modular Air Chiller

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Tower

Water Cooling Tower

Chiller AC

Air Coditioning Chiller

Your Top Quality Chillers Manufacturer In China

Top Brand Components  
Ensure Your Top Quality Chiller

Top Quality Screw Compressor With Certificate

Adopts Famous Brand Compressor;
Semi-hermetic 5:6 Screw Compressor;
Compressor Energy Efficiency is 20%~30% Higher;
Available with R134A/R407C/R410A/R510A and etc.
40000 Hours of Trouble-free Operation
Screw Compressor has Approved ISO9001, CRAA、CE、PED、UL Certification;

Screw Compressor

Reliable Microcomputer Control System
PLC Programmable Controller
LCD Touch Controller
Automatic Detection of Cold Water Outlet Temperature;
Automatic Detection of Operating Conditions;
Automatically Record the Alarm and Send Trouble Alarm;
Can Realize Remote Control;
Reserve RS-485 Communication Interface, or Ethernet Port;
Customize Display Language: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish;
PLC Programmable Controller
High-efficiency Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Low Maintenance Cost, Easy Operation;
Long Cleaning Cycle and Convenient Cleaning;
Fast Heat Exchange Speed;
High-Temperature Resistance 400℃;
High-Pressure Resistance 2.5Mpa;
Can be Used Under High Temperature and High Pressure
Adopts Copper Tube with Rolled Fins on the Outer Surface,
Which Has High Thermal Conductivity and Large Heat Exchange Area;
Long Service Life Up to More Than 20 Years;
Shell and Tube Heat Exchagner
Brand Refrigeration Components:
Famous Brand Expansion Valve;
Brand Filter Drier
Has Electronic Expansion Valve
Or Thermoexpension Valve
Ensure the Stable Operation of the Industrial Water Chiller Unit.
Expansion Valve
Top Quality Electrical Components:
Famous Brand A.C Contactor, Relay, Thermal Protector,
Brand Pressure Controller, Filter Drier to Ensure the Reliability of the Industrial Water Chiller Unit
AC Contactor
High-Efficiency Copper and Aluminum Fins Condenser:
Heat Transfer Performance is Good, Stable, Air Resistance is Small.
Enhance the Efficiency of the Heat Exchanging
High efficiency copper pipe and aluminum fins heat exchanger.


Chiller For Plastic Industrial

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Beer And Wine Fermentation Chiller

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Chemical Processing Chiller

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Computer Data Center Chiller

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Food And Dairy Chiller

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Hotel HVAC Chiller

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Industrial Chiller Manufacturers In China

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Industrial Chiller Manufacturers|GESON Chiller


What is an Industrial Chiller?

How Does an Industrial Chiller Work

Are you looking for a reputable Industrial Air Chiller Manufacturers with a global reach?

Geson is one of the top-rated chiller companies based in Nanjing, China that ships worldwide.

They design, manufacture, and supply high-quality chillers, heat pumps, and other HVAC products.

Why Do You Need to Contact Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Chillers are cooling solutions that can provide a better and more reliable performance than other alternatives.

What’s more, chillers are more cost-effective and are environmentally friendly,chiller for industrial use.

If you need an industrial water chiller and industrial air chiller, now or if you want to know more about it, it is best that you contact an Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers to help you out.

Industrial Water Cooled Chiller

Industrial Water Cooled Chiller

What Do Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Do?

An Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers is responsible for supplying chillers to their clients.

Some chiller companies manufacture their own products while others simply distribute items from manufacturers.

When choosing an Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers, be sure that you deal with people who understand and provide for your specific needs.

The GESON industrial air cooled chiller manufacturers are the industry leaders in chilling systems. Their products are durable and cost-effective. They have been in the industry for over 30 years, which has given them a wealth of knowledge and experience to help their customers with their process water needs.

How Do You Choose an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Choose an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers that have a good reputation in the industry.

The HVAC business has a global scope, which means there are a handful of chiller companies that manufacture their products all over the world.

It’s best to transact with an Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers that have a team of highly knowledgeable engineers to back up the sale.

Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

Here’s a list highlighting some prominent industrial chiller manufacturers, with a special emphasis on GESON industrial chiller:

Blue Star Industrial Chiller

Carrier Industrial Chillers

Daikin Industrial Chiller

Iceberg Industrial Chillers

S&A Industrial Chiller

Trane Industrial Chillers

Vevor Industrial Chiller

Voltas Industrial Chiller

York Industrial Chillers

GESON Industrial Chiller (Our brand)

GESON industrial chiller stands out as a reliable and innovative brand in the market, offering cutting-edge cooling solutions for various industrial applications. With a strong focus on performance, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction, GESON industrial chiller is an excellent choice for businesses seeking top-notch cooling solutions.

What Do You Need to Find in an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

The Industrial Chiller Manufacturers should be able to provide you with all of your heating and cooling requirements.

Deal with the company that can customize their products to suit your every requirement.

Be sure to talk with one of their sales representatives and tell them what you need. Ask how their team can meet those needs.

Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers

Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers

Why Do I Need an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Organizations, businesses, and even individuals that need a chiller should directly contact Industrial Chiller Manufacturers instead of any other HVAC expert.

Chiller companies are well-versed in this particular line of products and they are the ones that can fully help you with your requirements.

Other companies may simply offer alternatives, but Industrial Chiller Manufacturers can provide for your specific needs.

How Do You Contact an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

There are different ways to contact Industrial Chiller Manufacturers these days, and it usually depends on their location.

A reputable Industrial Chiller Manufacturers should have a physical address, a telephone number, and an email service.

But more importantly, they should respond to your queries in the soonest time possible.

Industrial Water Chiller Application

Industrial Water Chiller Application

What are the Common Points of Comparison between Chiller Companies?

When comparing chiller companies, be sure that you look at their years in the business, the products that they offer, and their expertise in the industry.

There are chiller companies that have been operating for many years now, and they are the ones that are likely to be around for many more to come.

You also want to deal with a company that knows their product well so that troubleshooting and repairs won’t be a problem for you.

Mini Water Chiller

Mini Water Chiller

What are the Products Sold by an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Many chiller companies carry different types of HVAC products such as heat pumps and air conditioning systems.

Check out the wide range of products that Industrial Chiller Manufacturers provides before buying anything from them.

Transact with a company that can provide for all of your heating and cooling requirements, so you only have to order a product from one place.

Scroll chiller package unit

Scroll chiller package unit

What Warranties Does an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Provide?

Every Industrial Chiller Manufacturers offers a different kind of warranty.

Be sure that you understand this detail clearly at the beginning of the sale in order to make the right decision.

The best Industrial Chiller Manufacturers is the one that can provide a lifetime warranty and full support for their products.

Aluminum Fins of Condensing Unit

Aluminum Fins of Condensing Unit


Air Industrial Chiller

Air Industrial Chiller

Chiller for Pharmaceutical Processing

Chiller for Pharmaceutical Processing

What Questions Should You Ask an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

When talking with one of the representatives of the Industrial Chiller Manufacturers, be sure to ask more about their products, more particularly its specifications.

Next, inquire about their product’s performance and the different points covered by the warranty.

You should also ask about how their technical and sales support team could help you in case of problems.

Water Chiller System Hydroponics

Water Chiller System Hydroponics

How Do You Find a Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Near You?

If you decide to deal with an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers near you, the best way to find them is through the local directory.

You may also request referrals from trusted service providers, such as HVAC technicians.

However, entities with huge chiller requirements are better off dealing directly with a global chiller manufacturer like Geson.

Rooftop Chiller

Rooftop Chiller

Can You Contact an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Online?

Contacting Industrial Chiller Manufacturers online has become the norm in the past few years.

The internet has made it easier for companies and businesses to talk directly with a chiller manufacturer from across the globe and tell them about their requirements.

Geson has a customer support team available online that can answer all your questions about chillers, heat pumps, and other HVAC products.

Big Chiller Room for Hospital

Big Chiller Room for Hospital

How Do an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Ship Their Products?

The way Industrial Chiller Manufacturers ships their products will depend on their location and where they will send the product.

The Industrial Chiller Manufacturers will ship them by air, land, or sea, depending on the client’s timetable.

Discuss all the details about the shipping with your Industrial Chiller Manufacturers so you can be sure that your items will arrive right when you need them.

Water Chiller A.C. Contactor

Water Chiller A.C. Contactor

What Guarantee Does an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers Provide?

Every Industrial Chiller Manufacturers provides different sets of guarantees to go with their products.

Guarantees are different from warranties and end-users should not confuse them with one another.

The best Industrial Chiller Manufacturers is the one that can guarantee the high performance of their products throughout their lifetime.

Air Cooled Chiller Diagram

Air Cooled Chiller Diagram


chiller water system

Chiller water system


Refrigerant Is Used In a Water Cooled Chiller System

Refrigerant Is Used In a Water Cooled Chiller System

How Can I Talk to the Experts of an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Request for a call or meeting with one of the technical team of Industrial Chiller Manufacturers to gauge how well they know their products.

Good Industrial Chiller Manufacturers will not hesitate to talk to any possible client about how their products could help them with their needs.

If you can’t talk to somebody from the company who is clearly an expert in chillers, then you might not be dealing with the best Industrial Chiller Manufacturers.

What Should I Do If I Want to Change my Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

As the consumer, you’re free to make decisions as to which Industrial Chiller Manufacturers you want to transact with.

If you already have an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers but would like to try another in the future, make some research first.

Choose the right one by looking through the products, expertise, and customer service aptitude of your new Industrial Chiller Manufacturers.

Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller

Are the Chiller Companies from China Reliable?

China has become the hub of manufacturing of the world, which means you are likely to find all the products that you need from there.

Chillers are very complex devices that require expert design and engineering.

China chiller companies and manufacturers have proven themselves worthy to become one of the key players in the HVAC industry.

What Makes Geson Different from any Other Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Geson is one of the best chiller companies based in Nanjing, China.

They have over 20 years of experience in the field, which is your guarantee of performance and support.

Check out the products offered by Geson and talk to one of their knowledgeable sales representatives to get to know them and their products better.

What does Geson Offer as an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

As a Industrial Chiller Manufacturers, Geson offers a wide range of HVAC products such as water-cooled chillers, air-cooled chillers, screw chillers, and scroll chillers.

They also have process chillers, industrial water chillers, and injection molding chillers.

This Industrial Chiller Manufacturers also offers heat pumps of various configurations.

What are the Industries Served by Geson?

Geson has been one of the leading chiller companies for many years now.

Throughout their stint as top Industrial Chiller Manufacturers, they have served various industries such as the plastic, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

They also industrial air cooled chiller manufacturers, used by the food and beverage facilities, hotels, hospitals, and computer data centers, among others.

Why Should You Choose Geson as Your Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

Geson has everything that you’re looking for in an Industrial Chiller Manufacturers.

Aside from their many years of experience in the field, they also are the one-stop shop for water chiller solutions in the global market.

They serve clients from various countries, more particularly in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

HVAC Chiller

HVAC Chiller

How Do I Get in Touch with Geson?

Once you have decided to make Geson your water-cooled chiller manufacturers, the best way of contact is online.

You may easily talk with one of their experts through the website. You may also request a quote for any of the products listed there.

Clients may also reach Geson through email, phone, and WhatsApp.

Does Geson Customize Chillers?

Geson is a top air cooled chiller manufacturers and industrial water chiller manufacturers.

They can customize a chiller to suit your need, or even build one according to your specifications.

Contact one of their experts to guide you with the ordering, sale, and acquisition process.

What Level of Support Does Geson Provide?

If you need help with your Geson chiller, don’t hesitate to contact the technical support group of the company.

They should provide you with the answers that you need and point you in the right direction.

Geson’s commitment to providing accurate and timely information to their present and future clients is second to none.

Process Chillers Manufacturers

Process Chillers Manufacturers

Is Geson the Best Industrial Air cooled Chiller Manufacturers?

Geson’s many years of experience and positive feedback from previous clients make them one of the best industrial air cooled chiller manufacturers companies worldwide.

Contact one of their experts today and talk to them about your chiller requirements.

They should be able to help you find the exact product that you need and deliver it to your doorstep with the necessary warranty and guarantee in place.

Industrial Water Cooler

Industrial Water Cooler

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Water Chillers?

When you look around and compare different industrial water cooler manufacturers, you will soon discover that they have a wide range of systems to choose from. There are different types of chillers for commercial and industrial use. It is important to choose the right kind so that you can optimize cooling performance, improve operational efficiency, and reduce downtime.

The most basic classification of the different types of chillers would be based on condenser type. The water-cooled chillers supplied by water-cooled chiller manufacturers rely on an external industrial water cooling tower (such as a cooling tower) in order to facilitate the cooling of gaseous refrigerants. Once the heat is expelled from the liquid, it transforms into a different phase and recirculated back into the system.

The water-cooled chiller is recommended for installations with space constraints. It is also scalable enough that it can be suited for small- and large-scale cooling needs. Compared to air-cooled systems, it delivers a quieter operation.

 Water Cooled Water Chiller

Figure 2 – Water Cooled Water Chiller

The next type of industrial water chiller is the air-cooled one. It uses ambient air to reject heat from the refrigerant before it enters the condenser. It uses air fans within the unit to facilitate the cooling process.

The air-cooled chillers are recommended for those installations wherein discharged heat from the system will not be an issue. The cost of installation for air-cooled chillers is lower than that of the water-cooled chiller manufacturers units. The heat that is emitted from the system is beneficial during the colder months to provide heating for the facility.

The evaporative condensed chillers are the least common of all types that are available from industrial chillers manufacturers. However, they provide an efficient alternative to the two systems above.

They can provide up to more than 200 tons of cooling capacity but are only suited for a specific application.

Portable Water Chillers Industrial

Portable Water Chillers Industrial

Water Cooled Tower

Figure 3 – Water Cooled Tower

The evaporative condenser could either be a forced draft or an induced draft. The forced draft condenser pulls air through the unit at its base before condensing it and releasing it in saturated form. The induced draft condenser pulls the air in the chiller environment with the help of a condenser that is mounted at the base of the unit.

The primary difference between an evaporative condenser from that of a cooling tower is the number of stages that are needed to generate cooling. The use of a cooling tower uses two stages to achieve cooling. The evaporative condenser, it goes through a single heat rejection process.

Industrial Water Chiller System

When Should You Consider Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers?

The use of industrial water chiller is designed to meet specific cooling requirements. You can invest in this system from industrial water chiller manufacturers to use for the following conditions:

  • When there is the availability of cooling tower
  • When there is integral pumping required
  • When there is no need for supplemental heating
  • When inside air is dusty or hot

What Are The Benefits Of Industrial Chillers?

If you are planning to install industrial water chillers for your industry, you must note that there are unique advantages that you can get. As long as you choose the right system from industrial chillers manufacturers, you can enjoy these benefits:

Benefits Of Industrial Water Chillers

Figure 4-Benefits Of Industrial Water Chillers

  • Increase Productivity – Installing an industrial water chiller can boost productivity for many industrial and manufacturing processes. It can also reduce downtime by limiting interruptions to these processes.
  • Optimized Process Control – It ensures that all processes are working as efficiently due to optimum temperature regulation.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – The use of a water chiller in an industrial application will guarantee that you have sufficient cooling all year round. This reduces the need to maintain your equipment because it runs optimally with adequate temperature control.
  • Designed For Industrial Use – Any form of cooling solution simply won’t cut it when it comes to industrial use. You need to install large-scale cooling solutions that can the requirements of industrial applications.
  • Equipment Protection – This is the most important benefit that you can get by installing industrial water chillers. They help to protect the equipment you have invested lots of money on. Without proper temperature regulation, the heat produced from this equipment while in use can result to damage over time.

Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

What Industries Do Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers Serve?

Industrial water chiller manufacturers serve a wide range of industries by delivering a wide array of chiller products and sizes. It is used in the regulation of temperature for various machinery such as HVAC systems, laminating and printing, construction, textile, electrical supply, and power generation machinery.

It is also used in the metal forming industry for welding, pressing, plating, and polishing. Industrial water chiller system can also address the needs of the medical industry as it is vital in the operation of equipment such as X-ray, MRI, CT scanner, and other healthcare equipment. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, it is beneficial for the storage of solvents, natural gas, and medicines.

For the food and drinks industry, you need industrial water chillers for food processing, bottling, carbonation, and storage of food items. Meanwhile, the plastics & rubber industry and the laser industry also benefit from these systems.

Industrial Water Chiller System Applications

Figure 5 – Industrial Water Chiller System Applications

How Do You Choose The Best Chiller For Your Processes?

The systems available from industrial water chiller manufacturers vary in terms of size and design. It is important to consider the size initially as it will also determine the cooling capacity of the system.

There are portable or localized chillers for small-scale applications, while there are also large-scale systems for industrial or manufacturing use.

Air Cooled Chiller Diagram

Air Cooled Chiller Diagram

How Do You Calculate Proper Cooling For Industrial Use?

Choosing the right sized chiller from industrial water chiller manufacturers is very crucial. If you choose a chiller that is undersized, it could pose a lot of problems. First off, it won’t be able to produce enough cooling for your process equipment and the temperature won’t be stable enough for the equipment to operate efficiently.

On the other hand, you cannot invest in an oversized chiller either. If your chiller capacity is too high for your cooling need, the system won’t be able to run at its most efficient level. This could cause the system to become faulty because it is not able to operate on full capacity.

If you are not sure about the right size of the chiller to use, you can always consult industrial water chiller system manufacturers about your needs. Most manufacturers are able to customize their systems to suit your unique cooling requirements. Therefore, you won’t have to choose a chiller that is smaller or higher than what you actually need.

chiller water system

Chiller water system

Why Is It Costly To Use City Water For Industrial Chillers?

When choosing industrial water chiller manufacturers for your process cooling, it is important to know about your potential water source first. Make sure that your location will allow for the installation of this system by providing you with a reliable water source. Otherwise, it could be very costly if you depend on the city water source to keep the chiller going.

Before, chiller plants and industrial water chiller manufacturers relied on the incoming city water supply to run the system. But city water is not cheap and are not always reliable since there are days wherein there is an interruption to the supply.

The cost of operating an industrial water chiller through the city water supply can end up being very costly. This is especially true in applications wherein the chiller operates a few shifts during the day. You could easily spend a fortune on the water source alone. Make sure to consider your access to a free and consistent water source (such as river or the ocean) to operate the system.

Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Figure 6-Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Can You Operate Industrial Water Chillers Year-Round?

Yes. As long as you have access to a water supply, industrial water chiller manufacturers can guarantee that the system can deliver year-round cooling solutions for industrial processes. If you are not sure about it and continuous cooling is needed for your industry, make sure to inquire about this beforehand.

Refrigerant Is Used In a Water Cooled Chiller System

Refrigerant Is Used In a Water Cooled Chiller System

What Qualities To Look For In Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers?

The quality of the chiller systems you invest in will depend largely on the quality of the industrial water chiller manufacturers. Therefore, you need to start by choosing the supplier you get the system from.

First and foremost, choose industrial water chiller manufacturers that had been around for many years in the industry. The years of experience in the industry will give you more confidence about your choice that they are able to deliver the quality you expect. It will also provide you with a track record with which to determine their capacity to offer high-quality products.

Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers

Industrial Water Cooler Manufacturers

The next area of consideration is in the variety of systems they offer. The manufacturer must provide a wide range of products that can match your different needs. Whether you are looking for small- or large-scale chillers and for different industries, they must offer the specific products you need.

It is also important to check the manufacturing equipment and the quality assurance for the industrial water chiller manufacturers. They must have advanced manufacturing equipment to build the best products. At the same time, these products must undergo rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that they can meet your different requirements.

Air Cooled Chiller vs Water Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller vs Water Cooled Chiller

The function of the three circulation systems of the chiller

The chiller is a kind of cooling equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current, and constant pressure. Its system operation is composed of three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system.

General Plastic Manufacturing Mold Cooling

General Plastic Manufacturing Mold Cooling

  1. Refrigerant circulation system:
  1. Water circulation system:

The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat of the object to be cooled and vaporizes into low-pressure, low-temperature steam. The object being cooled in the chiller is water. When the refrigerator is running, the cold water pump is turned on, and the water continuously circulates between the water tank and the evaporator to reduce the water temperature to the set temperature.

The water circulation system pump is responsible for pumping the water out of the water tank to the user’s equipment to be cooled. The chilled water will remove the heat. increase in temperature, then returning to the chilled water tank.

  1. Electrical automatic control system:

The electrical automatic control system includes a power supply part and an automatic control part. The power supply part supplies power to the compressor, fan, water pump, etc. through the contactor. The automatic control part includes a thermostat, pressure protection, delayer, relay, overload protection, etc., combined with each other to automatically start and stop protection according to the water temperature.

Air Cooled Scroll Compressor Chiller

Air Cooled Scroll Compressor Chiller

How to Find Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers In India?

Geson chiller has cooperated with projects and partners, whether you want to find Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers In Delhi, Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers In Chennai, we all can serve you promptly.

When choosing industrial chiller manufacturers, these are the five items to keep in mind:

  • Process cooling fluid
  • Cooling fluid temperature
  • Process pressure and flow requirements
  • Operating environment
  • Chiller size

How to Choose Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

There are plenty of top chiller manufacturers in USA and industrial water chiller manufacturers in India. Many of these brands of chillers are now readily available no matter where you are in the world.

Choosing the best industrial water chillers manufacturers is critical for the efficiency and performance of your chiller for various industrial and commercial applications.

The first thing you need to consider is the experience of the manufacturer. How long have they been in the industry? The longer they have been in business, the better as you can rely on their experience and expertise to provide efficient performing chiller systems.

The next thing you need to look at when comparing industrial chiller manufacturers is the selection of chillers. When choosing which chiller to invest in, you must be aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Choosing the right chiller should be about matching that with your cooling requirements for specific industrial processes.

The best manufacturers of industrial water chillers are the ones that can provide you with a variety of sizes and models to choose from. This will enable you to match the cooling capacity of the chiller to your requirements.

How much does an industrial chiller cost?

The cost of an industrial chiller will vary based on the industrial water chiller manufacturers you got them from. Other factors can also impact the cost of acquisition of this technology such as location, size, and brand.

Top chiller manufacturers in USA provide an estimate of $350 to $1,000 per ton in average cost. This is such a wide range because of the factors mentioned above.

When you are looking for the best and largest chiller manufacturers that will give you the best value for money, it is important to shop around. Make sure you also size your chiller requirements correctly to attain maximum efficiency.

Which are the top chiller manufacturers in USA?

If you are shopping around for the best industrial chiller manufacturers in USA, you have plenty of options to choose from. The following are the top manufacturers based on annual revenue:

  • Johnson Controls, Inc
  • Carrier
  • Ingersoll Rand Company
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation
  • Daikin America
  • Paul Mueller
  • Mueller Streamline
  • Multistack
  • PolyScience
  • Sentry Equipment Corp

Why consider installation with an industrial chiller application?

The installation is a crucial part of working with industrial chiller manufacturers. Make sure you sort out the details of your installation as it can impact design and operation costs.

There are various factors to consider when installing industrial chillers such as the electrical drops and wiring, anchoring, plumbing, and startup. You must also pay special attention on the piping diameter and valves. Make sure you take into account the type of plumbing used.

If the pipe is not properly sized, industrial chillers can experience backpressure and there would be insufficient flow at the end location. It can also impact the efficiency of the system as it will impact the heat transfer.

The most important thing to keep in mind about proper installation is the ability to minimize downtime with industrial chiller function. You want to minimize downtime especially when making sure that you can keep industrial processes up and running.

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