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industrial chiller

GESON Industrial Chiller

  • 50~400ton cooling capacity.
  • -5℃ chilled water temperature supply.
  • Loading adjusted 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%,0
  • Branded screw compressors, simple structure, few breakdowns.
  • Polywood case package, protect the water chiller in the delivery.
  • High-efficiency copper and aluminum fins condenser.
  • High-efficiency shell and tube evaporator.


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Our industrial water chiller is perfect for cooling large areas and is available in a range of Cooling capacities Ranging from 30 Ton~4500 Ton.

With a Coolant Temperature that goes from -140℃~30℃, this chiller is perfect for all your needs.

Additionally, it adopts Famous Bitzer Compressor, Hanbell Compressor, and Fusheng Compressor for an energy efficiency that is 20%~30% higher.

Some of the other benefits of using our product include a compact structure design that doesn’t take up much space, the ability to cool large areas quickly, and is mostly applied in Laser Technology, Welding, and Plastic Molding.

You won’t be disappointed with our product!

Key Features:

Our Industrial Chiller is designed to deliver powerful cooling performance, capable of efficiently handling large cooling loads and maintaining stable temperatures in demanding industrial applications.

Precise Temperature Control: With advanced temperature control systems, our Industrial Chiller offers precise and accurate temperature regulation, ensuring optimal conditions for your industrial processes and equipment.

Energy Efficiency: We prioritize energy efficiency in our Industrial Chiller design. Equipped with advanced compressors, heat exchangers, and intelligent controls, our chiller minimizes energy consumption, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Reliable Operation: Built to withstand rigorous industrial environments, our Industrial Chiller is engineered for durability and reliability. It operates consistently even under heavy loads, ensuring uninterrupted cooling performance.

Flexible Configuration: We offer a range of configurations to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s air-cooled or water-cooled, scroll compressors or screw compressors, our Industrial Chiller can be customized to suit your cooling needs.

User-Friendly Controls: Our Industrial Chiller features user-friendly control panels or digital interfaces that allow for easy operation, monitoring, and adjustment of temperature settings. Intuitive controls enhance convenience and simplify maintenance tasks.

Low Noise Operation: Noise reduction features are incorporated into our Industrial Chiller, ensuring minimal noise levels during operation. This is particularly beneficial for installations in noise-sensitive environments or areas where a quiet working environment is essential.

Remote Monitoring and Control: With the option for remote monitoring and control capabilities, our Industrial Chiller enables you to access and manage the system from a centralized location. This feature enhances convenience, efficiency, and troubleshooting capabilities.

Safety Features: Our Industrial Chiller is equipped with safety mechanisms such as high/low-pressure protection, temperature alarms, and system fault diagnostics. These features help prevent system failures, protect equipment, and ensure safe operation.

Easy Maintenance: We have designed our Industrial Chiller with easy maintenance in mind. Accessible components, removable panels, and clear service instructions facilitate routine maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operation.

Industrial Chiller Model Industrial Chiller 90AS Industrial Chiller 120AS Industrial Chiller 155 AS Industrial Chiller 165AS Industrial Chiller 210AS Industrial Chiller 225AS Industrial Chiller 265AS Industrial Chiller 280AS Industrial Chiller 305AS Industrial Chiller 330AS
Industrial Chiller Cooling Capacity
KW 90 1 20 155 165 210 225 265 280 305 330
Industrial Chiller Control PLC Programmable Controller
Power Supply 380 V/ 3N / 50Hz
Total Current A 50. 1 66. 7 84 92. 9 116. 9 1 24. 4 138.8 147. 4 160.8 176. 1
Industrial Chiller Compressor Type 5- 6 Asymmetric Semi-hermetic Twin Screw Compressor
Starting Y – △ Starting
Running Loading 0- 33- 66- 100% 0- 25%- 5 0%- 75%- 100 %
Evaporator Type Horizontal Shell and Tube Dry Evaporator
Flow Rate m’/ h 15 . 5 20. 7 26. 7 28.4 36. 1 38. 7 45. 6 48. 2 52. 5 56. 8
Condenser Type High Efficiency Copper Pipe and Aluminum Fins Condenser.
1. Above mentioned cooling working condition: inlet chilled water temperature: 12℃, outlet chilled water temperature: 7℃. The environment
temperature is 35℃.
2. Adopts the famous brand screw compressors.
3. Evaporator water pressure 1.9MPa.
4. Evaporator scaling factor 0.018㎡℃/KW.
5. Input power:3P-380V-50HZ.Allowable fluctuation voltage:±10%, allowable voltage difference in phase:±2%.
6. The data may be changed a little by the engineers according to the actual condition.

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