Project Description

GFC Vertical-Horizontal-Cassette Fan Coil

GFC Vertical/Horizontal/Cassette Fan Coil

Geson GFC Fan Coil is a terminal device of the air handling system, is composed of a small fan, motor, and coil heat exchanger.

When the chilled water or heating water flows through the fan coil, there will be a heat exchanging with the out tube air, then cooling or heating the air, then regulated the indoor air condition.


Geson has all the types of fan coil, vertical, horizontal, wall-mounted, cassette fan coil and etc.

Geson fan coil has open and ceiling mounted installation types, right and left inlet types.

Capacity: 1.8~14kw

  • Airflow volume ranges: 200CFM-1500CFM
  • Power supply: 1Ph/220V/50Hz
  • Easy to install and maintain.

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