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Water-cooled Chiller Solution

Water cooled Chiller Solution

One-stop Water Chiller Solution
Cooling Capacity from 3RT~4500RT
Chilled Water Temperature from -145℃~25℃

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GESON Water Cooled Chiller

  • One-stop water-cooled chiller solution for your project,
  • Ranges from 3ton~4400ton, chilled water temperature from -140℃~30℃,
  • Meet your various requirements.
  • Adopts Famous brand Semi-enclosed 5:6 screw rotor compressor.
  • Coolant: Water, Brine, Ethylene Glycol, Dichloromethane and Trichlorofluoromethane;
  • Can Add the Heating Function, Recovery the Heating Energy;
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Main Products

double compressor screw chiller

Water Cooled Chiller System 12/7℃

  • Customize for the Customer’s Requirements;
  • One-stop Solution and Service;
  • Ranges from 100ton~4400ton Cooling Capacity.
Water-Cooled Chiller
  • Ranges from 100TON~4500TONS.
  • Famous Leading Screw Compressor Brands;
  • Stable Operating Performance;
Water cooled scroll chiller
  • Ranges from 3Ton~180Ton;
  • Famous Leading Scroll Compressors;
  • Built-in Water Tanks and Water Pumps.


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Your Expert Water Chiller Manufacturer

Are you looking for a professional water-cooled chillers manufacturer?

Geson chiller focuses on Industrial/Commercial water sand air scroll chiller over 15 years.

Including full types of Water-cooled chillers, Air-cooled chillers, Scroll Chillers, Water(ground) source heat pumps, Air source heat pumps and etc.

You can get the chiller’s capacity from 3 Ton~200 Ton, and temperature from -15℃~25℃.

Geson water cooled chillers have been widely applied in the industry and Commercial facilities. Pharmaceutical, Chemical industry, Plastic Injection and extruding machinery, Artificial Real Ice Rink projects, Computer data centre room, Food and Beverage process cooling, Cold storage room, MRI and Laser machine, Printing, and many other industries. Or large shopping malls, hotels, factories, hospitals, and other central air-conditioning projects.

Geson water cooled chillers have been exported to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and was praised by customers all over the world.

We will offer one-stop water cooled chillers system solutions with the highest reliable quality products and service.

If you have more questions on water cooled chillers, free to contact us.

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Your Top Quality Chillers Manufacturer In China

Top Brand Components  
Ensure Your Top Quality Chiller

Top Quality Screw Compressor With Certificate

Adopts Famous Brand Compressor;
Semi-hermetic 5:6 Screw Compressor;
Compressor Energy Efficiency is 20%~30% Higher;
Available with R134A/R407C/R410A/R510A and etc.
40000 Hours of Trouble-free Operation
Screw Compressor has Approved ISO9001, CRAA、CE、PED、UL Certification;

Screw Compressor

Reliable Microcomputer Control System
PLC Programmable Controller
LCD Touch Controller
Automatic Detection of Cold Water Outlet Temperature;
Automatic Detection of Operating Conditions;
Automatically Record the Alarm and Send Trouble Alarm;
Can Realize Remote Control;
Reserve RS-485 Communication Interface, or Ethernet Port;
Customize Display Language: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish;
PLC Programmable Controller
High-efficiency Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Low Maintenance Cost, Easy Operation;
Long Cleaning Cycle and Convenient Cleaning;
Fast Heat Exchange Speed;
High-Temperature Resistance 400℃;
High-Pressure Resistance 2.5Mpa;
Can be Used Under High Temperature and High Pressure
Adopts Copper Tube with Rolled Fins on the Outer Surface,
Which Has High Thermal Conductivity and Large Heat Exchange Area;
Long Service Life Up to More Than 20 Years;
Shell and Tube Heat Exchagner
Brand Refrigeration Components:
Famous Brand Expansion Valve;
Brand Filter Drier
Has Electronic Expansion Valve
Or Thermoexpension Valve
Ensure the Stable Operation of the Industrial Water Chiller Unit.
Expansion Valve
Top Quality Electrical Components:
Famous Brand A.C Contactor, Relay, Thermal Protector,
Brand Pressure Controller, Filter Drier to Ensure the Reliability of the Industrial Water Chiller Unit
AC Contactor
High-Efficiency Copper and Aluminum Fins Condenser:
Heat Transfer Performance is Good, Stable, Air Resistance is Small.
Enhance the Efficiency of the Heat Exchanging
High efficiency copper pipe and aluminum fins heat exchanger.

All Types of Industrial Water Chiller Products

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Modular Air Chiller

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Air Source Heat Pump

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Water Source Heat Pump

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GESON Water Cooled Chiller-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for the water cooled chiller expert in China? GesonChiller is one of the leading China water cooled chillers manufacturers, offers you a wide range cooling capacity 3ton~4500ton, also gives you the best support and service.

GesonChiller exports to countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

Introduction of water-cooled chillers.

The water-cooled chiller perfectly combines the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, and high automation.

It is a more convenient and reliable air-conditioning host.

This product is widely used in shopping malls, hotels, theaters, hospitals, large factories, and high-rise buildings, and other occasions that require air conditioning.

Important features of the water cooled chiller

Water cooled chiller classification

According to different compressors, it is divided into two categories:

Water-cooled screw chiller

water-cooled reciprocating chiller

The water cooled chiller specifications are complete, and customers have a lot of room for choice

Screw type: Cooling capacity range: 174kW~3960kw

Reciprocating type: cooling capacity range: 166kw~2105kw

Microcomputer automatic control cavity control system

Adopt advanced control technology to control the water cooled chiller to operate automatically around the clock,

Make the water-cooled chiller always operate at the best operating condition point.

In order to obtain a high energy efficiency ratio,

The protection functions of the water cooled chiller are complete,

Can be remotely controlled,

The controller adopts Siemens’s original PLC.

Energy regulation

The compressor energy regulating valve cooperates well with the PLC controller,

Realize that the China water chiller automatically adjusts 0~100% energy according to load changes,

It has an obvious birth control effect.

Refrigeration system

Multi-head water cooled chillers all adopt independent refrigerant circuit system,

Make water cooled chiller operation more stable and reliable.

Low noise and low vibration

The shock absorber at the bottom of the compressor reduces the noise and vibration of the water cooled chiller.

Water cooled chiller Inspection and Installation of Water Cooled Chiller?

Before leaving the factory, the water cooled chiller shall be inspected and adjusted strictly, and all parameters shall be set.

Customers only need to install power and water pipes, and charge refrigerant as required.

You can start up and run.

The components of water-cooled chillers include:


Shell and tube condenser,

Dry shell and tube evaporator,

Auxiliary refrigeration accessories

Throttling device,

And the electronic control system.

The compressor of Water Cooled Chiller?

The water-cooled screw chiller adopts international first-line famous brand compressors,

Superior performance, reliable operation, long service life,


The compressor adopts a double-shaft rotating exhaust, which improves the compression ratio and efficiency.

The refrigerant can directly cool the motor, which improves the working efficiency of the motor.

Energy-saving of more than 10%;

The compression process is automatically controlled (inner volume ratio),

To avoid energy loss caused by over-compression,

Achieve high efficiency in a wide range of applications;

The precision design makes it small in size and light in weight;

The surface of the twin-screw is closely matched, which reduces the design stress of the bearing and the cage,

It ensures the stable operation of the compressor and reduces noise and vibration.

The water-cooled reciprocating chiller adopts an internationally renowned piston semi-hermetic compressor,

Superior performance, reliable operation, long service life,


Piston semi-hermetic compressor has high-performance coefficient;

High-quality and highly precise valve design to achieve high-efficiency operation with low volume clearance;

The best motor insulation, suitable for various functional purposes;

The precise structure and small size;

The balance of moving parts is perfectly designed,

Minimize vibration and reduce noise.

Dry shell and tube evaporator

Using shell and tube evaporator, compact structure, light weight,

Small footprint, easy oil return, high heat exchange effect,

The cover plates at both ends of the shell are removable for easy maintenance and repair.

Shell and tube condenser

Adopt shell and tube condenser, compact structure, light weight,

The cover plates at both ends of the shell are detachable for easy maintenance and cleaning on site.

In addition, safety valves and other devices are added for safety and easy operation.

Throttle mechanism (expansion valve)

The expansion valve selects the most advanced international products,

With the compact overall design, strong stainless steel diaphragm,

And it can provide stable and precise control in vast operating conditions.

Auxiliary refrigeration accessories

All kinds of refrigeration accessories in the refrigerant circuit,

For example, filter driers, sight glasses, pressure relays, etc. are all made of internationally renowned manufacturers.

Stable performance and reliable quality.

Intelligent antifreeze

Adopt two-stage automatic antifreeze protection,

Effectively prevent the evaporator from freezing and cracking.

The electrical control of the water cooled chiller?

The water-cooled chiller adopts a microcomputer control system,

High control accuracy, strong anti-interference ability,

Ensure the safe, reliable, and economic operation of the water cooled chiller.

The power supply of the water cooled chiller is a three-phase five-wire 380V/50Hz,

The control power supply is single-phase 220V/50Hzo

  • Automatic control of energy adjustment, so that the water cooled chiller can operate efficiently;
  • Sequential start of compressors to reduce the starting current of the water cooled chiller;
  • The water cooled chiller has functions such as overload and short circuit protection;
  • Control parameters can be set on-site, and the latest set value can be memorized;
  • With computer antifreeze function;
  • It can be equipped with a network communication interface (RS-485 interface),

Computer network control is realized through monitoring and control software, and the control distance is up to 1200 meters.

What is a Water Cooled Chiller?

A Water cooled chiller is industrial refrigeration equipment, it uses water as the secondary refrigerant, remove the heating from some processing, or machinery.

Water cooled chillers have a cooling tower, is more efficient than air-cooled chillers.

Generally, water cooled water chillers are smaller than air-cooled ones and, therefore, occupy less space. This makes them great for indoor placement.

Figure 1 Water-cooled Chiller

Figure 1: Water cooled Chiller

They are also typically longer lasting than air-cooled chillers.

What are the Advantages of Water Cooled Chillers?

Water cooled chillers have multiple advantages.

Their top advantages include the fact that they generally last longer than air-cooled chillers, and that they are quieter than air-cooled chillers.

Moreover, they typically have a small footprint.

This makes them perfect for places where space is an issue.

Water cooled chillers are more energy-efficient than air-cooled chillers.

They are also safer to use because they do not utilize toxic chemicals.

water cooled chiller

Water-cooled Chiller

What are the Applications of Water Cooled Chillers?

Water cooled chiller systems have multiple applications.

Essentially any industrial process that generates a lot of heat needs a chiller.

There is water cooled water chiller for laser machines, waterjet cutting machines, and metal finishing machines.

There are water cooled water chiller plastic processing factories and breweries.

They are for processes that generate a lot of heat. Water cooled water chillers are to cool the processes.

Chillers are also for cooling in hydroponics, hotels, food processing industries, massive government buildings, wineries, and medical centers. In hotels, they are used to cool pools and hotel rooms.

What is the Difference between Air-Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers?

Air-cooled and water cooled chillers are largely the same in terms of components.

The biggest difference between the two types of coolers, air-cooled chillers uses air for chilling, while water ones use water.

If you do not know whether to choose air-cooled and water cooled chillers, here is a statement that will help you out:

Water cooled chillers are generally more efficient, more durable, and less noisy than air-cooled chillers.

What types of Water Cooled Chiller Systems are Available?

There are two main types of chillers on the market – air-cooled chillers and water cooled water chillers.

The most common and most efficient chiller systems are water cooled chiller systems.

All water cooled chillers have the very same four basic components, which is a refrigeration cycle purposes.

The four components are an expansion unit, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.

Probably the most important part is the compressor. Without it, refrigeration would be impossible.

Four types of compressors exist on the market.

They include centrifugal, reciprocating, scroll, and screw-driven compressors.

The most popular are water cooled screw chiller, water cooled scroll chillers.

Water cooled screw chillers use semi-hermetic screw compressors.

Water cooled scroll chillers use the closed scroll compressors.

A water cooled chiller system with a centrifugal compressor is a centrifugal chiller or a water cooled centrifugal chiller system.

What Cooling Capacity of the Chillers?

The water cooled chiller cooling capacity can range from 10ton~4500ton.

From small water cooled chiller, water cooled portable chiller to big water cooled chiller.

The most popular cooling capacity is a 10ton water cooled chiller, 100ton water cooled chiller, 200ton water cooled chiller, 500ton water chillers.

What temperature can achieve with a Water Cooled Chiller?

Water cooled screw chillers can achieve to -45℃ outlet temperature.

The water cooled scroll chiller can achieve to -35℃.

Your any required temperature, we can meet it.

What are the Components of a Water Cooled Chiller?

All quality water cooled chillers have four main water cooled chiller parts.

An expansion unit, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.

In addition to these four units. All industrial chillers come with a refrigerant.

water cooled chiller components

Water Cooled Chiller Components

How Does a Water Cooled Chiller System Work?

How does a water cooled chiller work?

water cooled chiller system uses water and the refrigeration cycle to achieve cooling.

In other words, it helps to cool your machines or room.

How a typical GesonChiller water cooled chiller system working principle.

The cooling process cools down the water from the evaporator, once the refrigerant gets to the important part of the refrigeration cycle.

Then, a pumping machine will circulate it from the chiller system to the process.

Because the water is cool, it will absorb heat from the process and become warm, then it returns to the chiller.

So the water is the secondary refrigerant, water cooled chiller systems remove heat from processes or rooms, achieving cooling.

water chiller working principle

water cooled chiller working principle

Does it need a water-cooling tower?

Yes, you should also use a water-cooling tower.

Besides, you also need a water-cooling pump, water cooling pipes for the condensing system.

What Kind of Water is used in a Water Cooled Chiller?

The two most common types of water in water cooled chillers are plain water and glycol cooling system solution.

Both types of water have their own pros and cons.

Sometimes specific oils are used to cool processes in very special circumstances.

Plain water is regarded as an economical and efficient cooling liquid. It does not have minerals.

The most preferred “water”, however, is the glycol-water solution.

Glycol is a coolant making the glycol-water solution very efficient.

This solution also doesn’t freeze easily.

This makes it appropriate for locations where freeze protection is necessary.

What is a Sea Water Cooled Chiller?

If your site near to the seaside, and seawater is available.

You can use the sea water as chilled water.

The sea water is salty, so it will need a special design evaporator heat exchanger.

It will help reduce the operating cost for factory manufacturing.

How to Design the Whole Chiller Cooling System?

Designing a water chiller cooling system requires knowledge of several things.

First, it requires engineering knowledge.

You need to know what components and their sizes and design.

Second, it requires knowledge of the application.

You cannot design a water chiller cooling system without having the exact application in mind.

The application could be building cooling, process cooling, or machine cooling.

Once you know the application, you can estimate the quantity of cooling capacity, select the right compressor.

Lastly, you need to know the chiller standards in your country.

The standards usually focus on energy performance, refrigerant.

Many countries will only allow the selling or importation of highly energy-efficient water chillers.

Since it is difficult for ordinary people to know about all the above.

You need to talk to an expert when designing a water chiller system.

Geson is one of the best professional water cooled chillers manufacturers in China.

Communicate with us via our contact page to talk to experts.



How to Size a Chiller and what is the Water Cooled Chiller Diagram?

The chiller size you need depends on various factors.

First, you to get the right water cooled chiller size.

Include flow rate, incoming water chiller temperature, and desired water chiller temperature after cooling.

To know exactly the type of sizing you need, you should contact our team.

The team has successfully helped multiple clients to find the right size chiller for various applications.

The Water Cooled Chiller Diagram

Water Cooled Chiller System Diagram

How to Calculate the Cooling Capacity?

Calculating the cooling capacity of a water chiller is a complicated exercise.

However, do not worry. You do not need to do it on your own.

You can simply contact us.

One of our engineers will recommend a suitable size, design water cooled water chiller for your needs.

They will simply ask you a few questions and then do the necessary calculations, find out which one among our chillers is the best for your situation.

What types size of chiller?

There are small water cooled chiller, water cooled portable chiller, large water cooled chiller.

For example, 10 ton water cooled chiller, 100-ton water cooled chiller, 1000 ton water cooled chiller.

How to Choose a Chiller?

There are several things you need to consider to choose the perfect water cooled chiller.

The things include the heat loading you expect the machine to handle.

The temperature you desire, the flow rate, the coolant type, the installation area, the power characteristics, the footprint, the control options, and so on.

Probably the most important thing to consider is the heat load that you need to handle.

Once you determine it, you will know how big a chiller you need.

However, it is not. Talk to a member of our team today to get the right water cooled chiller for the application you have in mind.

How to Select the Chiller Compressor?

Four types of compressors exist on the market.

They are centrifugal, reciprocating, scroll, and screw-driven compressors. All these four processors have their pros and cons.

The very best compressor for most uses is the screw compressor. This is because it is efficient and works very well.

What types are there Water Cooled Chiller?

There are water cooled screw chillers and water cooled scroll chillers.

If the cooling capacity is big, you can choose a water cooled screw chiller.

If the cooling capacity is small and easy for installation, you can choose the water cooled scroll chillers.

What is the Difference between a Water Cooled Chiller and a Condenser?

Comparing a water cooled chiller and a condenser is like comparing apples to oranges.

The two are not on the same level to be compared. They are different.

Most water cooled chiller systems have a condenser component.

This component is important because it is needed for the refrigeration cycle.

So the relationship between a water cooled chiller and a condenser is that one is part of the other.

What is the Difference between Air Cooled Chiller vs Water Cooled Chiller?

The main differences between water cooled chiller vs air cooled chiller.

Are different heat-exchange media, different design principles, and different installation methods. The details are as follows:

1. Different heat exchange media

1. Air-cooled chiller

The medium of heat exchange is air, which uses special fans for chillers and variable-frequency axial fans, so it is called air-cooled

2. Water-cooled chiller

The use of water to exchange heat requires the installation of a special cooling tower for the chiller. The source is water, and the special cooling tower is equipped, so it is called “water cooling”.

Two, the design principle is different

1. Air-cooled chiller

The air-cooled machine takes away heat through the flow of air,
and the air through the condensing coil to take away the heat,
and the refrigerant inside the machine is cooled.

2. Water-cooled chiller

Through the cooling water circulation of the water cooling tower,
the heating is taken away,
then the chilled water is chilled.

Three, the installation method is different

1. Air-cooled chiller

The air-cooled chiller is movable, without auxiliary accessories,
and can be directly placed outdoors.
It does not need a machine room.

2. Water-cooled chiller

Need to be equipped with cold water tower and pool, water pump, machine room, need to be placed indoors.

Air Cooled Chiller vs Water Cooled Chiller

Air cooled chiller vs Water cooled chiller

How to Communicate with the Water Chiller Engineer?

There are several ways to contact and communicate with a GesonChiller water chiller engineer.

You can by email, WhatsApp, Linkedin and phone number.

Email inquiries are usually feedback within 24 hours, while WhatsApp inquiries are often answered within minutes or hours.

Visit our contact page to find out our email address, phone number, and WhatsApp number.

What is the MOQ for Water Chiller?

MOQ stands for minimum order quantity.

GesonChiller MOQ is one set.

You can order one or any number of water chillers you want. Simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

How Long Does Geson Chiller take to Deliver Chillers?

Our machines usually take several weeks to reach the customer.

The number of weeks depends on the customer location, the customer requirements, and shipping variables.

To get to know exactly how soon you can expect a GesonChiller chiller, please communicate with us via our contact page.

But wherever you are, you can trust that we will do our best to deliver the chiller you need as soon as possible.

What type of Maintenance Does a Water Cooled Chiller System Need?

Water cooled chillers are big and complex systems.

They need regular maintenance to work effectively.

They also need regular maintenance to last long.

All GesonChiller water cooled chillers come with manuals, allow you to use them properly for long.

They also come with other instructions.

The paperwork they come with will enable you to use them and maintain them properly so that they can serve you for a long time.

What Aftersales Services Does GesonChiller Provide?

GesonChiller provides multiple aftersales services.

The services ensure customers get exactly what they expect.

Include maximum support to ensure the equipment works for a very long time.

How to Build a Water Chiller?

It is very difficult to build a water chiller.

This is because water chillers are complex, have multiple components

The main components include the compressor and the cooling tower.

If without water chiller refrigeration engineering know-how can be inefficient and unsafe.

If you need a water chiller, purchase one from GesonChiller.

Our chillers are high-quality machines made by professional engineers.

They are guaranteed to work for a long time.

They are also safe to use because their quality meets the highest safety standards.

How to Test the Water Chiller?

First, you need to make sure everything is ready as a manual document.

You also need to make sure that electricity is properly ok.

Once you do this, you need to switch on the water chiller.

When the water chiller cooling system is providing the cooling temperature you expect.

You will know everything is working correctly.

Our GesonChiller chillers have screens that show various aspects of performance.

And immediately show how your chiller is performing.

The role and requirements of cooling towers and cooling pumps

  1. The high-temperature cooling water from the water-cooled chiller, the cooling pump sends the high-temperature cooling water from the chiller to the cooling water tower
  2. The cooling tower returns to the chiller after cooling the cooling water
  3. The pressure difference between the cooling water inlet and the cooling water return water is about 3-4kg.

The role and requirements of the refrigeration pump.

  1. The role of the refrigerating pump is to deliver low-temperature chilled water to the client, and then return to the chiller after the heat is exchanged
  2. The pressure difference between inlet and return water is about 3-4kg

The role and requirements of the water-cooled chiller.

  • 1. Function: absorb the heat of high-temperature chilled water and transfer it to low-temperature chilled water
  • 2. The temperature difference between freezing and cooling water is 4-6 degrees Celsius

Principle of the water-cooled chiller system.

  • 1. The cold water produced by the water-cooled unit is sent to the client through the refrigeration pump, exchanged with the cold water with a higher temperature, and returned to the chiller.
  • 2. Then the heat of the high-temperature chilled water is transferred to the low-temperature cooling water through the chiller, and the cooling water becomes the high-temperature cooling water.
  • 3. The high-temperature cooling water is sent to the cooling tower through the cooling pump, and the heat is discharged to the outdoors through the cooling tower, turning into low-temperature cooling water and returning to the chiller.

Start sequence of water-cooled chiller system

  1. Open the cooling and freezing pumps water inlet and outlet valves
  2. Open the chiller water inlet and outlet valves
  3. Open the cooling tower water inlet and outlet valves
  4. Start the cooling tower
  5. Start the cooling pump
  6. Start the refrigeration pump
  7. Start the chiller

The reason for opening the inlet and outlet valves of the main engine, cooling pump, refrigeration pump, and cooling tower first

  1. The refrigeration of the water-cooled chiller system is mainly transmitted by water
  2. Water is transported by pumps and pipes
  3. Therefore, before the water pump is started, the valve should be opened first to ensure the smoothness of the pipeline.
  4. If the pipeline is blocked, once the water pump starts. The pipe will burst under huge water pressure

Turn on the cooling tower again, turn on the cooling pump, turn on the refrigeration pump, and turn on the water-cooled chiller.

  • 1. The cooling tower must ensure that the cooling water can dissipate normally
  • 2. The cooling pump must ensure that it can circulate and absorb the heat conducted by the chiller
  • 3. The refrigeration pump must ensure normal circulation and release heat through the chiller

Water-cooled chiller system refrigeration system stop sequence

  1. Stop the chiller host
  2. Stop the refrigeration pump
  3. Stop the cooling pump
  4. Stop the cooling tower
  5. Close the cooling pump and the water inlet and outlet valves of the refrigeration pump
  6. Close the inlet and outlet valves of the chiller host
  7. Close the water inlet and outlet valves of the cooling tower

We are your one-stop solution if you are in search of the best water cooled chillers manufacturers. Whatever you need for your project, we have the cooling solution you need for the job!

Our collection of models for water cooled chillers range in capacity from 3 tons to 4400 tons. Our chiller units can operate with a chilled water temperature of -140 to 30 degrees Celsius, depending on the specific application. We have the models and products that can meet your various requirements.

The water cooled screw chiller is one of three models that we have available. As one of the top water cooled chillers manufacturers, we only use the leading compressor brands in the market. This is how we can guarantee a stable operating performance. Our water cooled screw chiller has a cooling capacity range of 100 to 4500 tons.

We also have a water cooled chiller system. We can customize the size and cooling capacity based on your specific requirements. It can operate at 12 to 7 degrees Celsius in chilled water temperature. The cooling capacity can also accommodate up to 4400 tons.

The water cooled scroll chiller is the final model we offer our customers. The cooling capacity starts at 3 tons and can reach a maximum of 180 tons. We employ the use of the leading scroll compressors in the market for reliable and superior performance. Each unit of the water cooled scroll chiller comes with a built-in water tank and water pump.

Developed using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our range of water cooled chillers ensure energy savings, operation efficiency, and high-quality performance. These units are designed to provide efficient cooling for industry-type cooling, including large-scale district cooling.

We have more than 15 years of experience as one of the top water cooled chillers manufacturers in Asia. From our extensive product lineup to versatility and customization, you can find the ideal system for your process cooling requirements.

Comparison of water-cooled screw unit and lithium bromide unit

1. The advantages of water-cooled screw chillers

Water-cooled screw chiller is a kind of refrigeration unit that uses water as the cold source (exhaust heat source). The compressor is screw type. It has two water systems, namely the chilled water system to the air-conditioning room; and the cooling water for heat rejection System, the cooling water system is equipped with a cooling tower or uses ground water.

Features of this unit:

1. It can only be used as a single cooling machine, not heating. Boiler or urban heating network must be used for heating in winter

2. Small size, large capacity, compact structure, smaller than a lithium bromide unit with the same capacity.

3. The high efficiency ratio is generally 4.4, and the highest can reach 4.8, which is significant in energy saving.

4. It can automatically adjust the output corresponding cooling capacity according to the heat load of the air conditioner. There are 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% stepless energy adjustment and 0~100% stepless energy adjustment. Significant energy saving, avoiding energy waste.

5. The compressors used in water-cooled screw chillers are produced by world-renowned manufacturers Taiwan Fusheng and Taiwan Hanbell. Four-way reversing valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve, stop valve, sight glass and other valve parts are also produced by world-renowned manufacturers, such as American Aike Company, Japan Saginomiya Company, Danfoss Company of Denmark, etc. The unit is of high quality, reliable performance, and a life span of 15 to 20 years.

6. ​​Fully automated, computer controlled, no need for human supervision.

It is widely used in summer air conditioning of large buildings such as office buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, dance halls, theaters, residential buildings, shopping malls, etc. The water-cooled screw chiller produced by our company has 11 specifications, with a capacity of 110~3200KW, and a single unit can supply 1300~8000 m2 of building air conditioning. Multi-functions can be used for air conditioning in buildings of tens of thousands of square meters.

The characteristics of lithium bromide unit

1. The service life and cooling capacity attenuation of the unit

Lithium bromide chillers have high vacuum requirements, but limited to the current technological level of some companies, it is difficult to maintain a high vacuum for a long time.

According to relevant information, for a unit of 100×104kcal/h, if 20 grams of air leaks in, the unit cannot be cooled.

In actual projects, there have been instances where refrigeration cannot be performed for the first time in official operation.

In the presence of air, the lithium bromide aqueous solution is very corrosive to the materials used in the manufacture of lithium bromide units, such as carbon steel, copper and other metals. If the vacuum of the unit is not well guaranteed, the unit will soon be scrapped.

The life of lithium bromide units produced by general manufacturers is only about 10 years without reliable materials and technical guarantees.

Due to corrosion, fouling, blockage, reduced vacuum and other reasons, the cooling capacity of lithium bromide units has a large attenuation.

The units produced by manufacturers with general conditions have the problem of cooling capacity attenuation, and some cooling capacity attenuation reaches 15-20% per year.

Some manufacturers, due to the use of some special technical processing, and the sample calibration value is lower than the maximum refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator, so that the actual cooling capacity attenuation during operation is not significant.

There are also individual manufacturers who claim to have no cooling capacity attenuation, which should be the goal and guarantee for unit production in the future.

For the problem of cooling capacity attenuation, engineering designers must make correct judgments after site inspection and in-depth understanding, and include them in the selection calculation, otherwise problems will occur during long-term operation.

Although the air-conditioning load of some projects is too large or too large to cover up the seriousness of this problem, you should keep a clear understanding of each account.

2. Energy consumption and power consumption of the unit

Since the lithium bromide chiller achieves the purpose of cooling at the expense of heat energy, its power consumption is very small (only about 2% of the compression type), but its heat consumption per unit of cooling capacity is large, that is, its refrigeration coefficient Smaller, the current domestic maximum value is only about 1.2, while the compressor unit is above 3.5.

Therefore, the lithium bromide unit only uses less electricity and cannot save energy.

Therefore, the best use conditions for this unit are occasions with waste heat, waste heat or power shortage areas, and its development cannot replace compression refrigeration, but can only be developed accordingly.

Chilled water outlet temperature in practical applications, the level of chilled water temperature affects the determination of air-conditioning methods, the layout of air-conditioning systems, and the selection and calculation of air-conditioning equipment.

Most of the air-conditioning equipment information we usually encounter is based on the supply and return water temperature of 7/12℃.

If the chilled water prepared by the lithium bromide chiller in the actual project is 10/15℃, the cooling capacity of each air conditioning equipment and the final state point of air treatment must be rechecked and calculated.

For some engineering designs, since the main air-conditioning and refrigerating machine room are not designed by the same unit, and the main body is followed by the machine room, the above situation may occur at this time.

If the outlet water temperature of the chiller does not meet the main design requirements, the main air conditioner cannot be guaranteed.

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