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GSWP water Heat Pump Unit

GSWP water Heat Pump Unit

The water heat pump unit is an energy-saving device.

It makes full use of low-grade heating energy. Heating transferred from high-temperature objects to low-temperature objects.

The heat pump working principle is to force the heat flow from low to high temperature in a reverse cycle.

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It only consumes a small amount of reverse cycle network, but can obtain a large amount of heating energy.

A heat pump can effectively reuse the low-grade heating energy, and achieve energy-saving purpose.

A heat pump usually obtains heat energy from nature air, water, or geographical soil.

There are air source heat pumps, water-source heat pumps, and geographical heat pump units.


  • 100KW~100KW Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps;
  • Cooling: Inlet/outlet chilled water temperature 12/7℃, cooling water temperature 18/29℃;
  • Heating: Inlet/outlet chilled water temperature 15/7℃,heating water temperature 40/46℃。
  • Famous brand PLC controller;
  • Can supply the above 50℃ water for life.

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