Project Description

GST counterflow water tower

Geson Counter Flow Water Cooling Tower

Geson counterflow water cooling tower also called evaporative water tower, close type water tower.

The close type tower uses the coil tube inside, cooling the temperature by the spraying water.

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In this structure, tube bundles are on the lower part of the closed cooling tower.

Air inlets from the two sides of the middle of the cooling tower.

The air enters the cooling tower from air inlets and is divided into two paths and flows upward through the packing.

It is discharged from the top of the cooling tower, flows through the tube bundle, and then flows upward from the exhaust channel, and is discharged from the top of the cooling tower.

This exhaust channel is located on the two sides of the unopened air inlet.

In the cooling tower, the spray water flows from top to bottom, and the fluid to be cooled in the tube bundle flows from bottom to top.

In this way, the flow of the air in the tube bundle and the flow of the cooled fluid in the tube are in countercurrent flow.

It is a close water cycle, ensures the water clearance, protects the high efficiency working.

It is widely applied in the Metallurgy, aviation, electric power, chemical industry, machinery, petroleum, food, plastics, rubber and other industries.

  • High efficiency
  • Safety and no pollution.
  • Protect the environment, use the nature water evaporative.
  • It can achieve a high cooling capacity than an open type tower
  • Is a good choice when not need too low a temperature.

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