Application of chemical chiller in cooling of chemical machinery

Chemical process cooling system solution

Chemical chiller can provide low-temperature cooling water to chemical machinery for temperature reduction, its process is to provide cooling water circulation, to maintain its long-term operation.So the chemical chiller is widely used in the chemical industry.In each chemical industry, also has a different name, mainly chemical chiller, chemical reaction kettle chiller, reaction tank chiller and so on.

1. Realize the rapid condensation of low boiling point organic matter in chemical industry, and accurately control the temperature of chemical reaction;
2. The improvement of chemical chiller largely determines the quality, output and cost of chemical products;

Pharmaceutical industry cooling system solution

Low temperature conditions required for biochemical reactions in reaction kettle are maintained in the pharmaceutical industry, which are used for rapid cooling of API, preventing drug deterioration, low-temperature crystallization extraction, low-temperature extraction, and low-temperature drug synthesis, etc.

Plastic industry cooling system solution

The chiller is used to cool the molds of plastic processing machinery, which can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of plastic products, make the products not shrink and deform, and facilitate the release of plastic products, and accelerate product shaping. Thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of plastic molding machines.

Artificial Real Ice Rink Solution (Real Ice Rink & Skating Rink & Mobile Ice Rink)

Artificial Real Ice Rink Solution

Artificial Real Ice Rink Solution (Real Ice Rink & Skating Rink & Mobile Ice Rink): We can provide ice rink project planning, design, construction, and maintenance services according to customer requirements (ice rink area 100 to 1800 square meters, ice rink cooling capacity 50 ~ 900KW).
The real ice rink host adopt water cooled screw chillers: imported high-efficiency economizer type semi-enclosed twin-screw German Bitzer / Taiwan Hanbell compressors with high energy efficiency; Large, long life, easy operation, stability and other advantages. Advanced German PLC controller; can realize the requirements of continuous 24-hour operation of real ice rinks.

Advantages and disadvantages of water source heat pump unit

Central air conditioning system solution
Water chiller is the heart of the HVAC systems in mid- to large-size commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Water chillers can be water-cooled, air-cooled, or evaporatively cooled. We offer the high COP, environmentally friendly refrigerant, low noise and energy saving host chillers.