How Process Chillers vs. HVAC Chillers

What is the Difference Between an HVAC Chiller and a Process Chiller?

An HVAC Chiller is an air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump, or other air conditioning device used in a building to cool the inside of the building. A Process Chiller is a type of chiller that uses a different method for cooling than an HVAC Chiller.

Process Chillers are often smaller and more powerful than their HVAC counterparts, and they often use a refrigerant mixture that is designed specifically for this purpose.

In order to understand the difference between these two types of chillers it’s important to look at some key differences between them.The most significant difference being how they cool down the room. An HVAC chiller will cool by blowing either fresh or recycled air into the room, while a process chiller will use liquid refrigerant to cool down the room.

The Benefits of Choosing a Process Chiller vs. an HVAC Chiller

Process chillers are designed to handle the heat generated by a variety of industrial processes. Unlike other cooling systems, process chillers are designed to operate at lower pressures.

Process chillers also have many advantages over traditional HVAC cooling systems. For example, they require less space, they consume less energy and they can produce quieter operation.

An HVAC chiller is an air-cooled unit that can be used for refrigeration applications. These are more commonly used in the commercial and industrial sectors than in residential areas because of the higher cost and greater energy consumption required for residential refrigeration units.

Choosing a Process or HVAC Cooler Based on Equipment Type

There are two options to choose from – process or hvac coolers. Process coolers can be used for a variety of equipment types and provides the best results, while hvac coolers are effective with specific types.

Steps to Buy the Right HVAC Chiller for Your Business

The steps to buying the right HVAC chiller for your business will help you to understand the process of buying a new air conditioning unit.

Buying a refrigeration unit

– Research local companies who sell these units and compare their prices. Do not shop online and avoid any sites that are unreliable or have a low reputation

– Remember that there is no such thing as “cheap” and it is best to buy from reputable companies with good service records who are able to provide warranties on their products.