Project Description

GSWP water Heat Pump Unit

GSWP water Heat Pump Unit

Air heat pump unit forces the energy from the low-grade to high-grade.

It takes full use of natural air and was convenient to install and maintain.

Air heat pump has household small units, commercial mid-size module unit, big size heat pump unit and etc.

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Also has compacted integral unit, modular units can meet all kinds of projects.


  • Heating and cooling integrated together.
  • No need for a machine room, boiler, can be placed on the rooftop or ground.
  • No need for any cooling system, saving water and electric power.
  • It uses natural air, so is safe and healthy.
  • No pollution for the environment.
  • Modular controller, no need the backup units.

If you need air heat pump units for your projects, pls feel free to tell us……