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GAHU Air Handling Units

GAHU Air Handling Units

Geson air handling unit is also called AHU, is a centralized air handling system. It is a forcing HVAC system, distributing the heating air by fan coil.

The basic type is All Air Single System, which includes fans, heater, cooler, and filter components.


AHU is the primary air return system, its principle is the air from the outdoor complex with the return air.

then through the filter, deduct the harmful substances, such as dust, smoke, black smoke, and organic particles.

AHU is for air conditioning and humidity cleanliness, include the air heater, air cooler, air humidifier, air filter, air box, and silencer.

All AHU has a ventilator. If need air conditioning all the year, can add the automatic regulatory system.

AHU has advantages: huge air volume handling, high-quality air quality, energy saving.

Air Handling unit is suitable for the pharmaceutical make-up cleaning room, shopping mall, exhibition hall, airport and etc.

  • Cooling:Inlet air dry-bulb temperature 27℃,wet bulb temperature 19.5℃.Inlet/outlet chilled water temperature 12/7℃。
  • Heating: Inlet air dry-bulb temperature 15℃. Inlet heating water temperature 60℃。
  • Customize the width and height by customers’ requirements.
  • All surfaces and materials are smooth, and high quality, suitable for the pharmaceutical make-up cleaning room.
  • All the coil adopts aluminum fins and copper tubes.
  • Automatic precious controller program system.
  • Installation by the customer’s requirement on site.