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If you are finding professional water chiller manufacturers in China.

Geson water chiller systems can meet all your varies of requirements.

Here, you will have the ultimate economical solution.

From the professionally experienced R&D team, you will satisfy the industrial water chiller system.

We can supply the following types of water chiller systems:

  • Screw Chillers
  • Centrifugal Chillers
  • Rotary Screw Chillers
  • Scroll Chillers.
  • You can get the following services:
  • Customize chiller types, compressor types.
  • Precious chilled water temperatures.
  • The most suitable economical refrigerant.
  • The OEM brand for your brand.
  • Stable operation with 40000 hours failure-free.
  • Customize the voltage as your need.

Contact our engineer, to get the right solution for your industry.

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Commercial Water Chillers
  • 5RT-4000RT Capacity
  • -5~25℃ Outlet Temperature
  • No Need Cooling Tower
  • Easy to Installation
  • SIEMENS PLC controller
  • R22/R134A/R407C/R410A options
Water Cooled Screw Chiller Systems
  • Cooling capacity ranges: 30~4500RT.
  • Loading adjusted 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%,0.
  • Available with R22/R134A/R407C/R410A and etc.
  • Failure-free operation >=40000hours.
  • Famous Leading Screw Compressor Brands;
  • Stable Operating Performance;
Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Cooling Systems
  • 3RT-80RT Capacity
  • 0~25℃ Outlet Temperature
  • Built-in Water Pump and Water Tank Design
  • No Need Cooling Tower
  • Easy to Installation

GESON Water Chiller Manufacturing

Air Cooled Screw Chiller Datasheet

Model GS-250AD
Cooling Capacity (kW) 249
Taotal Power (kW) 71
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type Semi-closed 5:6 asymmetric twin-screw compressor
Leaving Water Temp (℃) 7
Entering Water Temp (℃) 12
Shipping Weight (kg) 4150
Operating Weight (kg) 4250
Length (mm) 3200
Width (mm) 2200
Height (mm) 2550
Model Water-cooled Screw Chiller l00WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 135WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 180WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 195WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 235WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 260WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 305WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 320WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller350WS Water-cooled Screw Chiller 385WS
Cooling Capacity KW 100 135 180 195 235 260 305 320 350 385
10′ Kc a 1 / h 8. 6 11. 6 15. 5 16 . 8 20. 3 22. 4 26. 3 27. 6 30, 2 33. 2
Control PLC Programmable Controller
Power Supply 380V/ 3N / 50H z
Compressor Type 5- 6 Asymmetric Semi-hermetic Twin Screw Compressor
Starting Y – △ Starting
Running Loading 0- 33- 66- 100% 0- 25%- 5 0%- 75%- 100 %
Evaporator Type Horizontal Shell and Tube Dry Evaporator
Pipe Diameter DN DN65 DN80 DN100 DN125
Pressure Drop kPa 48 48 50 50 50 52 54 55 55 58
Condenser Type Horizontal Shell and Tube Dry Evaporator
Pipe Diameter DN DN65 DN80 DN100 DN125
Pressure Drop kPa 46 46 47 47 48 49 51 53 53 56
Refrigerant Type R407C,R134A,R410A
Refrigerant Charge kg 20 27 36 39 47 52 61 64 70 77
Diament Length mm 2100 2360 2450 2860 2860 2860 2860 2860 2860 3225
Width mm 700 700 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900
Height mm 1410 1520 1580 1600 1720 1745 1745 1770 1880 1960
Weight kg 850 1050 1270 1340 1640 1680 1720 1750 2080 2300
Running Weight kg 900 1150 1420 1540 1890 1940 1990 2050 2330 2550
semi-hermetic screw compressor
  • Compressor

    Using high-efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor, stable operation, low noise and vibration

  • Advanced control, stable quality, reliable performance

    Adopt advanced microcomputer control technology, full Chinese man-machine display interface, friendly operation interface. The user knows the operating conditions of the unit at any time.

    The compressors, fans, refrigeration system accessories, computers and electronic control components used in the unit are all imported from famous foreign companies, with good quality, accurate controller and reliable performance

  • Air condenser

    Air condenser is made of high-efficiency inner grooved copper tubes and corrugated strengthened aluminum fins.

All Types of Industrial Water Chiller Products

Modular Air Chiller

Modular Air Chiller

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Tower

Water Cooling Tower

Chiller AC

Air Coditioning Chiller

Advantages of Geson Chiller

We want to be your expert chiller manufacturer in China

 Geson Chiller offers more than 15 years of experience in the chiller manufacturing industry. We can supply you with chiller solution for every need – big or small.

In those years of experience, we have worked with a wide range of companies needing different chiller solutions for every application. We know how to calculate the cooling load requirement and the appropriate chiller size to meet your requirements. If you have any questions about choosing the right system for the job, we can recommend the best solution.

The years of experience in the industry are a testament to the quality and reliability of our chillers. We have worked with numerous businesses and they depend on us to provide them with the best chiller solutions for their operation. It speaks to our longevity as a business and we hope to provide the same quality service to you and your business.

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Geson Chiller is your one-stop solution for all of your chiller needs. We have a wide range of products to choose from such as water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, screw chiller, scroll chiller, HVAC chiller, industrial water chiller, process chiller, injection molding chiller, and heat pumps.

You do not need to look elsewhere because everything you need to build an efficient chiller system is right here. Our range of products ensures that we can cater to any industry and for any cooling need. We can provide you with a complete package that is ready for installation on your site. We can also customize the design of the chiller unit to match your unique specifications.

We can also provide additional parts and services if you wish to expand your chiller unit capacity, or if you want to make modifications. Whatever it is you need, you can reach out to us for your concerns and we can help you out.

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Geson Chiller manufactures all types of chiller systems – from standalone units to portable ones. We also have central chillers for large-scale use or high-rise buildings. We can even provide chiller systems for industrial processes or residential and office use.

We specialize in industrial and commercial chillers. Therefore, we can provide every type of chiller that you can imagine. We have air or water cooled chiller. We also offer different types of chillers based on the type of compressors used. We work closely with you to ensure that you have all of the components you need to achieve your desired cooling effect.

We also offer chillers at different cooling capacities. We manufacture chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 3 tons to 4500 tons. Our chillers can operate at a temperature of as low as -145 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. We offer a complete full product series to provide different solutions for different cooling requirements.

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Geson Chiller offers the highest quality chillers that can meet global quality standards. It is our goal to not only provide chiller solution for your needs, but also one that is superior in quality and safe.

How do we ensure superior quality? All of our chillers go through top quality control procedures. This is how we control the quality and safety of our products when used for various applications.

We have a team composed of professional R&D engineers along with professionals with manufacturing experience. Our team members work together to design and build the highest quality chillers for your processes. This is how we ensure that the chillers we manufacture are of the highest quality standard so you can get the best results from their use.

In addition, we employ the use of the highest quality parts for the components and rely on state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This is how we can guarantee the quality of our chiller systems from start to finish of the manufacturing process.

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Geson Chiller is recognized as one of the top chiller manufacturers in China and some parts of Asia. However, our chiller products are exported to various parts of the world.

Our expert team of chiller manufacturers can satisfy export-quality production to ensure that we cater to customers from all over the world. Our chillers have been exported to North and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Our global market reach continues to expand as we continue to gain global attention with our products. We strive to continually improve on the quality of the chillers we manufacture to suit the unique specifications of each industry we serve.

It is our aim to be recognized as the top and expert chiller manufacture in the world, and not just in China.

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Geson Chiller offers a wide range of chiller products to choose from. It is part of our commitment to become recognized as a one-stop solution for all your chiller needs. However, we can also customize our chiller solutions to suit your unique cooling requirements.

If, for whatever reason, our current range of chillers that we offer is unable to meet your specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of expert engineers in chiller manufacturing can develop a unique design according to your desired cooling capacity, chiller size, and the specific type of cooling needed.

Our range of chillers can cater to a wide range of industries. The wide application of our chillers include commercial facilities, chemical industry, plastic injection, pharmaceutical, ice rink projects, computer server room, food and beverage processing, cold storage rooms, die casting, printing, laboratory equipment room, and more.

If you belong to any of these industries (or not), we can cater to your specific chiller needs. There is no build to big or small for us at Geson Chiller.

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Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers

Geson chiller focuses on industrial water chiller for over 15 years.

Offers one-stop water chiller solutions with the highest quality and safest products to customers globally.

You can get the water chillers capacity from 3 Ton~4500 Ton, and temperature from -145℃~25℃, complete full product series for customers.

Including Water-cooled chillers, Air-cooled chillers, Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, Centrifugal chillers, Water(ground) source heat pumps, Air source heat pumps and etc..


Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers-GESON Chiller

The use of water chiller for various industrial applications continues to grow every year. Water chiller manufacturers dedicate years of research, development, and production of efficient cooling systems in order to support the survival of various industries. Indeed, cooling systems are vital in more ways than you think: it is essential to extend the shelf life of food and perishable items, to facilitate various industrial processes, and to preserve medicines and other pharmaceutical products, to name a few.

Since the time they were innovated, water chillers have greatly improved to boost product quality and reduce manufacturing time. Water chiller manufacturers use their experience in the industry to analyze what worked for the earlier systems in order to develop new and improved technologies that can provide better success.

Geson Chiller is one of many Largest Chiller Manufacturers. With more than 15 years of water chiller manufacturing experience, it has paved the way for other companies to follow suit. It has focused its efforts on the research and development of the water chiller system, while also spearheading the production of quality chillers in the market.

Commercial Water Chillers (2)

Commercial Water Chillers (2)

We are recognized as one of the best professional Top Chiller Manufacturers In World. We offer products that are high in quality, reliable, reasonably priced, and our chillers come in a wide selection of models. Whatever it is you are looking for, there is a solution available to you. If you are on this page, then chances are you what chillers can do and what they are designed for.

If you are shopping around for Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers and in search of the best cooling systems, you have come to the right place. This guide consists of all the essential questions and their corresponding information that you will likely encounter during your search.

Largest Chiller Manufacturers

Largest Chiller Manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

Sort through the many water chiller manufacturers you will find in the industry. Find all the information you need to find the ideal one for your industrial and business needs.

What Are The Reasons to Choose Water Chiller Manufacturers?

Finding reliable water chiller manufacturers is the first step you must take when you are in need of a cooling system for your industrial processes. You need to look into the manufacturer of the system as this is an indicator of the quality of the product itself.

There are many systems in the market that are available for you to invest in. These products differ in terms of size and cooling capacity. However, starting your search based on the manufacturer will ensure that you can get the quality you expect. You need to look at the manufacturer’s history and expertise, as well as their years of experience in the industry. If the manufacturer has been around the industry for some time, it is an indicator of their ability to satisfy customer needs.

How Do You Choose A Reliable Water Chiller Manufacturer?

This is a complex question because there are many factors you need to consider. There are many air cooled chiller manufacturers that claim to be the best; however, reliability is one of the most important factors you must consider. You want to choose water chiller manufacturers that are reliable enough to deliver the quality standard that you expect so you can get maximum results with your system.

You can check the manufacturer’s website for reviews from former clients. You want to assess how they are in terms of providing customer service and the quality of their products. Looking at customer reviews is one of the best ways that you can objectively gauge their service. If you can find reviews from third-party websites, that would be even better so you know that the reviews are without bias.

Which Are Common Industrial Applications of Water Chillers?

Water chiller manufacturers produce the system for a wide range of industries with different cooling requirements. The most common types of industries that use water chillers on an industrial scale include the plastic industry, manufacturing industry, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, greenhouse industry, medical industry, brewery industry, chemical industry, and many more.

Many HVAC Chiller Manufacturers produce these systems to meet the special requirements of each industry. This could be because of their use of specialty equipment or the processes that they have to go through. If you have any specific requirements based on your industry, it is important to contact the air cooled chiller manufacturers directly to learn about choosing the system that would best fit their needs.

Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers

Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers

What the Water Chiller Application for the Plastic industry?

For example, with the plastic industry, there are different processes,

To complete the manufacture of plastic given that there are many types.

Injection mold Cooling is required in this environment in order to cool the hot plastic that is melted before it is injected into a mold, or undergo further steps.

The use of a chiller in the plastic industry is designed to not only cool down the products but also the equipment. Since the equipment is running round the clock for the mass production of plastic, it can heat up fairly quickly. In addition to keeping the equipment cool, the cooling process is also vital in the molding of the plastic. The faster the mold is cooled, the faster it will solidify and retain its shape.

Proper cooling is vital in the plastic manufacturing industry. In fact, defects on the product can happen when it is not properly cooled. This is why 90% of the entire manufacturing process is dedicated to the cooling of the plastic products. More efficient cooling with the help of Air Cooled Water Chiller Manufacturers can increase efficiency and lower production time.

How Do You Check Quality From Water Chiller Manufacturers?

Water chiller manufacturers implement strict quality assurance control methods to ensure that their products are up to world-class standards. At the same time, this is to ensure that the cooling system can facilitate processes by various industries wherein efficient cooling is required.

The reliable air cooled chiller manufacturers employ an internal quality control department that is solely responsible for the rigorous quality control check. This is to make sure that the final product is not only functioning well, but also lives up to manufacturing standard.

When choosing water chiller manufacturers, it is important to ask them for a certificate or any proof that they have satisfied international standards testing. This will give you more confidence knowing that you can get good value for your investment.

Hvac Chiller Manufacturers

HVAC Chiller Manufacturers

What Type Of Water Is Commonly Used In Water Chillers?

It is important to know the water source used in operating water chillers. This will enable you to decide If it is a good idea to purchase a specific system from water chiller manufacturers, and if you have sufficient water source to operate the system.

For most systems delivered by water chiller manufacturers, the tap or city water would be enough for the job. If you have access to an unlimited water source, such as a river or ocean, it would be good to use them, too.

How Do You Troubleshoot Water Chillers?

Learning how to troubleshoot water chillers is important if you buy them from water chiller manufacturers. It is not uncommon to encounter any problems, especially if you have had the system for a while. But if you buy from the best and most reliable Air Cooled Water Chiller Manufacturers, you should not have to worry about troubleshooting them.

In any case, it is important to know about basic troubleshooting steps so you know what to do when you run into trouble. For example, if you are not getting the desired cooling temperature, check the coolant to see if it is in the right temperature or if some other parts are not working efficiently such that the coolant cannot be processed.

How to Maintenance the Water Chillers?

For water chillers, it is important that you check if the pump is working properly. If there is any partially closed valve or there is an inadequate amount of coolant volume, then you might want to check what is causing the pump to not achieve sufficient flow of liquid.

If the chiller does not power up, double check to see if the system is not in the “off” position or if there are any loose connections. Make sure that the circuit breaker is not defective, too. In the event that you tried basic troubleshooting and you still encounter a few problems with the chiller operation, it is best to get in touch with water chiller manufacturers so they can check and fix it for you.

If you buy from reliable and trustworthy water chiller manufacturers, you can also get a warranty in service and parts. This is something you must consider when choosing which manufacturer to buy your water chiller from.

Top Chiller Manufacturers In World

Top Chiller Manufacturers In World

What Manufacturing Equipment Are Used By Water Chiller Manufacturers?

There are different types of manufacturing equipment used by water chiller manufacturers in order to build the system. They use advanced equipment such as modern tools and machines. This will enable the system to carry out its processes smoothly and efficiently.

Figure 1 Water Chiller System

Figure 1: Water Chiller System

What Industries Are Served By Water Chiller Manufacturers?

There is a seemingly endless array of industries that benefit from the use of a water chiller. Most air cooled water chiller manufacturers such as Geson Chiller are able to cater to businesses from various industries.

This type of chiller system is beneficial for industries that use metal forming processes such as welding, machine tools, rolling mills, profiling & polishing, and extruding. It is also beneficial in machinery industries such as construction, textile, printing, laminating, material handling, power generation, and HVAC.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is another beneficiary of the water chiller system and you will see its application in industrial cleaning and laboratories. It is also efficient in supporting the use of medical equipment such as X-ray, laboratory, CT scanner, MRI, and more.

To add to the list of industries that can benefit from cooling systems offered by industrial air cooled water chiller manufacturers, they include those that belong to the food and drink, laser, and plastics and rubber industry.

Figure 3 Water Chiller Manufacturers

Figure 3: Water Chiller Manufacturers

How Do You Size Industrial Water Chillers Correctly?

Choosing the right size of industrial water chiller is important in order to achieve maximum efficiency with its use. Before you choose water chiller manufacturers to buy from, it is important to know how to effectively calculate the cooling requirements for the specific industrial application intended. Choosing an appropriately sized chiller can impact the energy efficiency of the entire system.

If you have an undersized chiller, this could lead to a ton of problems such as unstable water temperature and inability to properly cool your equipment. On the other hand, if you have an oversized chiller, it will not be able to achieve its most efficient cooling level.

To calculate your right chiller size, you may reach out to industrial water chiller manufacturers first. They have worked with a number of clients from various industries so they have the expertise needed to analyze your cooling needs based on the purpose or type of industry. This is just merely glossing over the surface as far as the industries that use water chillers as their main cooling system and the list is pretty exhaustive.

Figure 2 Water Chiller Manufacturers

Figure 2: Water Chiller Manufacturers

What Makes Geson Chiller One Of The Best Water Chiller Manufacturers?

Geson Chiller is one of the trusted industrial water chiller manufacturers and commercial water chiller manufacturers in China. We are known as the expert in the industry as we have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry for all types of industrial chillers.

Our expertise has enabled us to manufacture all ranges of water cooled chillers starting from 3 tons to as much as 4400 tons in capacity. Thus, we are a one-stop shop when it comes to your needs for refrigeration equipment. Our main products include water-cooled screw chiller, air-cooled screw chiller, and air-cooled scroll chiller.

With our expertise and the quality of product offerings, we can guarantee the safest and highest quality products that match global standards. Feel free to ask us about any concerns when choosing the best products from one of the trusted air cooled water chiller manufacturers in China and the rest of the world.

What is a Chiller and Why is it Important?

A chiller is a device that cools water or other fluids by removing heat to the atmosphere.

This is done by the use of a refrigerant, usually in the form of a gas or liquid circulating through coils inside a closed system.

A chiller can be used in commercial and residential buildings to provide cooling, heating, and hot water.

They are also used in industrial processes such as food processing and power generation.

Required Chiller Parameters & Their Impact on Your Decision

A chiller is a refrigeration system that cools water to a temperature below the ambient temperature.

The chiller parameters and their impact on your decision should be taken into consideration when choosing a chiller for your needs.

The two most important parameters are the required chiller capacity and the type of application.

The capacity of the chiller refers to the amount of cooling needed, while the type of application refers to how it will be used.

What are the Benefits of a Water Chiller?

Water coolers are a type of water-based cooling system that has been used for many years in homes, offices, and other buildings.

The benefits of these systems can be seen in the following ways:

– They save money on energy costs.

– They reduce noise pollution from compressors.

– They are environmentally friendly as they don’t use fossil fuels like gas or oil.

– They provide a constant supply of cold water without the need for ice cubes or refrigeration.

Determining the Best Location for Your Chillers

The most important factor in determining the right location for your chiller is whether you need cooling or heating.

If you need cooling, then you should put the chiller near a fresh water source to ensure that it is not using any contaminated water to cool its coils.

If you are building a high-rise building, then it is best to put the chiller on one of the lower floors of the building.

This will help reduce the amount of energy being used by elevators and air conditioning units which are already struggling with supplying enough power for all the people and equipment in high-rise buildings.

How to Find a Reputable Manufacturer of Chillers or Cooling Units

Finding a reputable manufacturer of chillers or cooling units can be a daunting task.

The market is flooded with many options and manufacturers which can make it difficult to find the right one. Thankfully, there are some key factors that you should consider when looking for a good manufacturer.

These include quality, reliability, customer service and reputation.

You should also check if the company has certifications from accredited agencies like UL or CSA.

Finally, you should always compare prices before making your final decision.

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