Water requirements for chilled water quality

When we talk about how to maintain the chiller, we always pay attention to the chiller system structure itself, but we do not talk about this topic from some external factors. Today, the editor will talk about the maintenance of the chiller from the perspective of frozen water.

If the cooling performance of a chiller is to be kept in a stable state, strict requirements must be imposed on the source of chilled water. Otherwise, a variety of sudden failures will occur during the use of the equipment. Therefore, the use of chillers must be accompanied by the use of high-quality frozen water sources, so as to reduce consumption and use costs, which is conducive to the long-term safe use of chillers. So what are the chiller requirements for chilled water?

Water requirements for chilled water quality

Water requirements for chilled water quality

  1. pH

Any chilled water with too high alkalinity or too high acidity can not meet the needs of industrial chillers, and even cause long-term operation of chillers, resulting in irreparable corrosive failure. Therefore, the use of chillers must be matched with the use of chilled water to avoid a large number of equipment failures.

  1. Softness

If the chilled water quality is relatively hard, it will affect the operation of the chiller. Especially in the state of high efficiency operation, it is easy to cause various scale problems in the chiller. When scale accumulates to a certain degree, it will affect the normal use of chillers by enterprises.

  1. Water flow

If the water flow rate is too high or too low, it will restrict the operation efficiency of the equipment and even cause the cooling performance of the chiller to decrease. It can continuously increase the water flow within a reasonable range, which can increase the operation safety of the chiller, and at the same time avoid the problems that the operation of the chiller is affected due to the small water flow and irreparable losses.

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