Dry chillers, flooded chillers, and falling film chillers differences.

Frequently, customers ask about dry chillers, flooded chillers, falling film chillers, and what are the differences? Today I will talk about the main differences between these three chillers and their advantages and disadvantages to help you understand them.

In fact, the three different names are mainly because their evaporators are not used, and their main difference is also their evaporators.

Dry chillers, flooded chillers, falling film chillers difference.

Dry chillers, flooded chillers, falling film chillers are different.

The dry chiller is the chiller that we usually see. The refrigerant of the evaporator passes through the heat exchange tube, and the cold water runs outside the heat exchange tube. The advantage of the dry chiller is that the price is relatively cheap, the structure is simple, it is easy to return oil, and the control is also Relatively simple, the injection volume of the refrigerator is small. The disadvantage is that the heat exchange efficiency is relatively low, and the cop is relatively small.

In the flooded chiller and the dry chiller, the operation mode of the evaporator is just the opposite. The cold water passes through the heat exchange tube, the refrigerant completely soaks the heat exchange tube, absorbs heat, and then evaporates after heat exchange. The advantages of flooded water chillers are high heat exchange efficiency and higher cop, but there are also many shortcomings. Its price is more expensive, the structure is complex, the failure rate is higher, and the injection amount of refrigerant oil is also ordinary dry type The chiller is more than doubled, and the frequency of adding refrigerant and replacing the freezing oil is also higher, which greatly increases the maintenance cost.

Falling film chillers are also called spray chillers. The refrigerant of the evaporator of the falling film chiller is sprayed from the upper part of the heat exchange tube onto the heat exchange tube. The refrigerant only forms a thin layer on the heat exchange tube. The thin liquid film of the refrigerant is poured on the heat exchange tube like a waterfall, so that the refrigerant reduces the static liquid level pressure when boiling and evaporates, thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency. The falling film chiller in these three chillers is replaced with The highest thermal efficiency. The disadvantage of the falling film chiller is its high price, and the evaporator is easy to scale and not easy to clean. Usually, the falling film chiller is used in a centrifuge with a large cooling capacity.

Most of the commonly used chillers are dry chillers, which are affordable and have stable performance. Dry chillers can meet the needs without special requirements. As flooded water chillers and falling film chillers are usually used in large-scale factory space refrigeration hotel commercial central air conditioning systems.

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