How does industrial chillers refrigerant system work?

There are several core systems in the operation and work of a machine, so today we will talk about how the core refrigerant system and operation of the chiller are generated.

The refrigerant circulation system of the industrial chiller is that the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and starts to evaporate. Finally, a certain temperature difference is formed between the refrigerant and the water, and the liquid refrigerant is completely evaporated into a gaseous state and then compressed The machine sucks in and compresses (pressure and temperature increase), and the gaseous refrigerant absorbs heat through the condenser (air-cooled / water-cooled) and condenses into a liquid. After being throttled by an expansion valve (or capillary), it turns into a low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant and enters the evaporator to complete the refrigerant circulation process.

How industrial chillers work

How industrial chillers work

The water circulation system is the water pump responsible for pumping water from the water tank to the equipment that the user needs to cool. The chilled water takes the heat away and the temperature rises, and then returns to the chilled water tank.

The electric appliance automatic control system includes the local power supply and the automatic control part.

Part of the power supply is to supply power to the compressor, fan, water pump, etc. through the contactor. The automatic control part includes thermostat, pressure maintenance, time delay, relay, overload protection, etc. combined to achieve automatic start and stop according to the water temperature, maintenance and other functions.

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