Several key factors for choosing a chiller

Faced with many chiller brands and specifications on the market, many people don’t know how to choose the right chiller. In fact, before choosing a chiller, you must first have a comprehensive understanding of the chiller. These 6 key points Factors need to be known.

1. Determine the amount of ice used according to your own scale and development plan, and determine the machine model based on the amount of ice used. If you buy a larger machine, it will be a waste of resources, and if the small machine is not enough ice cubes ; Generally speaking, the output label of the chiller is calculated at room temperature (room temperature 15 degrees Celsius, water temperature 10 degrees Celsius), because the temperature and water temperature are high in summer, the cooling capacity will be reduced by 30%, so you should choose a larger model machine. In addition, because the domestic chiller industry does not have a unified standard, the cooling capacity of some brands is very different from the actual cooling capacity. You can see the cooling capacity of the compressor and the size of the evaporator.

Several key factors for choosing a chiller

Several key factors for choosing a chiller

2. It is critical to determine the appearance of the machine. Stainless steel like 201 and 202 will rust for a long time, and it is difficult to clean and unsanitary, while 304 stainless steel is beautiful and corrosion-resistant. GESON CHILLER has always insisted on using 304 stainless steel. Don’t reduce the cost and replace other materials. Stainless steel and stainless steel magnets cannot be detected. They must be identified by the authority. There is a chemical potion that can be easily identified.


3. The quality of the machine mainly depends on the parts used. The main parts such as compressors, expansion valves, fans, water valves, defrost valves, etc. adopt internationally famous brands, which not only have stable cooling capacity, reduce failure rate, but also Can extend the service life of the machine.

4. If you choose energy-saving machines, the annual savings in water and electricity bills is also considerable. GESON CHILLER has been reasonably designed and repeatedly tested, so that the evaporator and compressor are reasonably configured, especially the ABS environmentally friendly plastic used in the main frame. The thermal conductivity of ABS is several percent of stainless steel, which almost blocks heat conduction, so it can save energy. 15% or more.

5. With intelligent design, the chiller will be automatically controlled by a microcomputer to automatically make and remove ice. The GESON CHILLER chiller has a greater improvement on this basis. It not only works fully automatically, but also has a display on the front door panel (this function is patented). The display vividly shows the cooling process, fault display, and is easier to operate.
6. It is best to choose a branded machine. The branded machine has a thoughtful after-sales service and has stable quality; also consider the size of the room space. If the space is too small, not only the placement position, but also the heat dissipation of the machine must be considered. It is best to use water-cooled or Outdoor heat dissipation split type.

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