GESON low-temperature chiller helps fermentation industry

The fermentation industry is a key link in the industrialization of biotechnology. It has a long history. The modern microbial fermentation industry combines new technologies such as genetic engineering and cell engineering. From the perspective of industrial structure, the fermentation industry has the characteristics of low investment, quick results, and low pollution, and is an important part of the global economy.GESON low-temperature chiller helps fermentation industry.

In the development of the ecological fermentation industry, the development and production of fermentation products cannot be separated from new and efficient fermentation equipment and supporting special equipment, which play a vital role in the fermentation industry.GESON low-temperature chiller helps fermentation industry.

GESON low-temperature chiller helps fermentation industry

GESON low-temperature chiller helps fermentation industry

Among them, the application of industrial refrigeration equipment is widely used in the fermentation industry. For example, in the production of yeast and other products, the growth temperature of microorganisms is within a certain range, and there are different conditions such as the highest temperature, the most suitable temperature, and the lowest temperature. When the materials react in the fermentation tank, heat such as fermentation heat and stirring heat will also be generated.

In the fermentation culture control, the temperature control needs to meet the production standards. When the temperature in the tank exceeds the standard temperature, the coil or the cooling water inlet and outlet valves need to be opened, and the cooling water is introduced. When the temperature reaches the required, the cooling water valve is closed to achieve precision Temperature control.

In the production workshop of the enterprise product, the fermentation tank is equipped with a special low-temperature water-cooled screw chiller, which is responsible for the temperature control of the fermentation tank.

Before cooperating with the fermentation tank temperature control project, the customer inspected a number of chiller unit manufacturers and obtained several quotation plans for chiller units. Due to the actual requirements of the customer’s large temperature difference working conditions, plus factors such as chiller equipment brand, after-sales, and selection Based on comprehensive considerations, GESON CHILLER was finally determined.

GESON low-temperature water-cooled screw chillers are customized according to the actual working conditions of customers at high and low temperatures, and the temperature range from 5 degrees to 35 degrees can be adjusted arbitrarily. The selection uses imported compressors, stable refrigeration, and fast cooling rate; equipped with all stainless steel evaporation Condenser/condenser; imported PLC/PC microcomputer control, with one-key start and stop, remote control, multiple circuit protection and other functions, playing an important role in the automatic control of fermentation production.

After the implementation of the plan, as expected, a good cooling effect was achieved, which was liked by customers. In fact, there are many places in the fermentation industry that can be used in industrial refrigeration equipment. In addition to the above mentioned fermentation tank temperature control supporting chiller equipment, there are also crystallization equipment, industrial sewage treatment equipment, etc., which are used in multiple links.

It is understood that the application of large-scale, continuous, and automated control technology has opened up new space for the development of fermentation projects in my country, and the rise of the ecological fermentation industry has also pointed out new directions for fermentation projects. Technology is changing and science and technology is developing. Only by constantly creating value for customers can we win in the future market competition. GESON industrial refrigeration technology develops customized refrigeration products suitable for their enterprises to help production research and development and provide economic development.

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