Accurate selection of industrial chillers needs to meet 6 conditions

The accurate selection of industrial chillers needs to meet 6 conditions. When we need to buy industrial chillers, the selection becomes an important issue. If you choose a larger one, it will waste material resources, and if you choose a smaller one, it will not achieve the desired cooling effect. In order to accurately select industrial chillers, let’s analyze it by GESON CHILLER!

There are many kinds of refrigeration equipment in daily use, but the application range of chillers is relatively wide. It can control the temperature within a specific range, and the refrigeration effect is stable, suitable for use in various industries. Depending on the industry, the demand for industrial chillers is different. When choosing the type of chiller, we can choose according to the following six elements.

 Condition 1, temperature range

When choosing an industrial chiller, the factory’s requirements for the production temperature should be considered first. The production temperature has extremely important practical significance for the selection of the chiller and the composition of the system. For example, there are often fundamental differences between chillers used for air conditioning and chillers used for low-temperature engineering.

Accurate selection of industrial chillers needs to meet 6 conditions

Accurate selection of industrial chillers needs to meet 6 conditions

 Condition 2, cooling and single cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of the chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and economic effect of the entire unit, which is worthy of attention. Especially when designing a cold station, in general, there is no single chiller. This is mainly to consider that when a chiller fails or shuts down for maintenance, it will not stop production. Instead, a reasonable unit should be selected based on the production situation. Number of units.

Condition 3. Energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to electricity consumption and steam consumption. Especially when choosing a large industrial chiller, the comprehensive utilization of energy should be considered. Because a large chiller is a device that consumes a lot of energy, for a large-scale refrigeration station that provides cooling, full consideration should be given to electricity, heat, and cooling. In order to achieve the best economic results, it is necessary to pay special attention to the full utilization of waste steam and waste heat.

Condition 4. Environmental protection

When choosing a water chiller, environmental protection must be considered to facilitate the requirements of production, scientific research and life. For example, the following should be paid attention to: noise occurs when the chiller is running, and the noise value increases or decreases with the size of the chiller; some refrigerants used in the chiller are toxic, irritating, combustible and explosive; some refrigeration The agent will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere, and when it reaches a certain level, it will bring disasters to humans.

Condition 5. Vibration

Vibration occurs when the chiller is running, but the frequency and amplitude vary greatly depending on the type of unit. If there is a requirement for anti-vibration, a chiller with a smaller amplitude should be selected, or the foundation and pipeline of the chiller should be damped.

Condition 6. Water quality of cooling water

The quality of the cooling water has a greater impact on the heat exchanger. The effect of endangering the equipment is scaling and corrosion. This will not only affect the reduction of the chiller’s cooling capacity, but also cause blockage and damage to the heat exchange tube in severe cases.

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