The Complete Guide to Cooling Capacity Units and What They Mean for Your Business

Introduction: What are Cooling Capacity Units and Why Does it Matter?

Cooling capacity units, or USRTs, are a measure of the rate at which a cooling system removes heat from the air.

USRTs can be calculated by dividing the total cooling power in watts by the ambient temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

This is an important metric for both residential and commercial buildings that need to stay cool, and it is especially important for commercial buildings that have large HVAC systems.

How to Calculate the Required Cooling Capacity Unit for Your Building

If you are looking for a cooling capacity calculator, there are two options available to you.

The first option is the USRT calculator which was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy for residential buildings and is based on ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007.

The second option is the Cooling Capacity Calculator developed by the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology which can be used for residential or commercial buildings, or any other type of building as long as you input all of your building’s information correctly into the calculator’s fields.

What is the Difference Between a kW and a USRT?

The amount of heat generated by a person is measured in watts.

The watt is a unit of power, which is the rate of work done.

A kilowatt (kW) measures how much power a device uses over time.

Radiant time constant measures how quickly the temperature of an object changes when it’s heated or cooled.

It is measured in seconds, and it’s calculated by dividing the total heat capacity by the mass of the object.

Conversions related to various cooling capacity units common to industrial chillers

There are many units of the cooling capacity of industrial chillers, which are directly related to the different use of cooling capacity units in various regions, but with the conversion relationship of cooling capacity units, then when you calculate industrial chillers, there will be no Difficulties.

The conversion relationship of various cooling capacity units is as follows:

1. 1Kcal/h (Kcal/hour)=1.163W, 1W=0.8598Kcal/h;

2. 1Btu/h (British thermal unit/hour)=0.2931W, 1W=3.412Btu/h;

3. 1USRT (American cold ton)=3.517KW, 1KW=0.28434USRT;

4. 1Kcal/h=3.968Btu/h, 1Btu/h=0.252Kcal/h;

5. 1USRT=3024Kcal/h, 10000Kcal/h=3.3069USRT;

6. 1 hp = 2.5KW (applicable to air-cooled industrial chillers), 1 hp = 3KW (applicable to water-cooled industrial chillers);


1. The “horsepower” used here is expressed as Hp (imperial horse) or Ps (metric horse) when used in power units, also known as “horsepower”, 1Hp (imperial horse) = 0.7457KW, 1Ps ( Metric horsepower) = 0.735KW;

2. Under normal circumstances, the cooling capacity of small and medium-sized chillers is usually expressed in “horses”, and the cooling capacity of large chillers (such as large air-conditioning refrigeration units) is usually expressed in “cold tons (US cold tons)”. The refrigerating capacity conversion relationship is the most commonly used in industrial chillers. Of course, these conversion relationships can also be calculated by software, and the result can be directly calculated as long as the value is input, which is simple and fast.

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