What Considerations Must You Make When Buying Industrial chillers?

There are important considerations you have to make when buying industrial chillers. You have to now these factors before you invest in the right unit for process equipment so you can optimize performance and efficiency.

The cooling capacity of Industrial Chiller Units is the primary area of consideration. You need to know what the equipment you will be using and if they require specific temperatures. This will enable you to pick the best industrial chillers to match these requirements and ensure that you can achieve the ideal temperature.

Water Chiller System

Water Chiller System

The energy efficiency of industrial chillers is another important factor for chiller selection. In order to achieve the highest efficiency, make sure to consider the cooling requirement and the cooling capacity for your chosen system. If these two do not match, your industrial air coooled chillers will have to work harder or you won’t be able to maximize the cooling output.

The control features is also something to consider when buying Chiller System. You want the controls to be flexible enough to meet your needs. With adequate control features, you can adjust the cooling as needed. Among the control features to look out for include a local control panel, a remote control panel, temperature and pressure indicators, and fault indicators.

The cost is one of the most crucial factors to consider when investing in Chiller System. There are different price ranges for industrial chillers in the market and it will be based on the specifications of each unit.

Industrial water chillers for Plastic Molding

Industrial chillers for Plastic Molding

In addition to the above factors, there are more items to consider when buying Portable Water Chillers Industrial such as the following:

  • Total life cycle cost
  • Chiller IP rating
  • Ambient temperature
  • Noise level
  • Motor fan type
  • Coolant requirements
  • Internal piping materials
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP) or EER

How Long Do industrial process chillers Last?

The average lifespan of industrial process chillers is 10 to 25 years. The actual lifespan of industrial water chillers will depend on the size and mode of operation of the chiller system in use.

There are also several factors that can have a direct impact on how long industrial process chillers Units Industrial last. Adherence to the recommended maintenance and the running condition of the unit are just two of those factors that can impact its longevity. Invest in proper maintenance to optimize the life span of the unit.

Chiller SystemChiller System

What Is The Cost Of Industrial water chillers?

The cost of industrial process chillers varies significantly on where you order them from. The type of chiller is also another factor that can determine the price range.

On average, the cost of an air cooled chillers unit is around $700 for 150 tons of cooling capacity and below. Anything beyond that will cost $450 per ton. For a water cooled chillers, it starts at $400 for 400 tons and below.

Make sure you do your research and conduct a thorough price comparison when buying Portable Water Chillers Industrial. For commercial and industrial applications, this will become one of your biggest operational expenses so you have to choose wisely.