Air source heat pump water supply at different temperatures, different applications

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Air source heat pump technology is very mature, it has a development history of more than 30 years,

There are so many applications in the heating water supply of air source heat pumps at different temperatures.

With the continuous breakthrough and improvement of technology, air source heat pump technology has also been applied to many fields, such as in the Central Heat Pump cooling and heating of buildings.

What is the air source heat pump temperature settings?

Air source heat pump max temperature: 80℃

Air source heat pump minimum temperature: 10℃

Central Heat Pump Air-conditioning, the Temperature is 15 ℃ -20 ℃

Ordinary central air conditioners focus on cooling, while air-source heat pumps are mainly used for heating.

However, the wide heat pump temperature range of air source heat pumps makes it has good cooling and heating capabilities.

When working in summer, the area of the evaporator, the amount of air replacement, and the wing piece of the air-source heat pump are much larger than that of the ordinary central air conditioner.

The heat dissipation area of the device is greater than the ordinary central air conditioner, and the heat dissipation performance is greater.

Therefore, the effect of refrigeration does not lose the general central air conditioner, and the air conditioning method of the water system is softer, the temperature difference is smaller, and the impact on the indoor humidity is also small.

Under the condition of reaching indoor refrigeration temperature, the comfort is higher that of ordinary central air conditioners.

The swimming pool’s constant temperature of hot water is 26℃-28℃.

There is a growing demand for swimming pools in the winter, but many people are not aware that the best water temperature for swimming is not always easy to achieve.

In fact, using a swimming pool heater with a constant temperature feature can be a more energy-efficient solution.

Compared to traditional methods of heating a pool, using a boiler and plate changer, an air source heat pump offers many advantages.

First, it is more energy-efficient, meaning that it will save you more energy over the long term.

Second, it is much less likely to start up and run at low temperatures, meaning that it will be more efficient when it does start up.

Third, the energy it uses is more consistent, meaning that you will not have to worry about it running out of fuel at inopportune moments.

Fourth, the maximum operating cost is usually lower with an air source heat pump.

The floor heating hot water temperature is 35-50 ℃.

The best state of heat pump system is to provide hot water below 45 ℃.

At this time, the energy efficiency ratio of the air source heat pump is high, strong energy saving, and more stable operation.

The main causes of air source heat pumps in dormitories, hotels, factories, etc. are that they are often located in colder areas, and the high flow speed and large temperature difference make them more efficient than other types of heat pumps.

If the indoor floor heating is paved with better heat dissipation performance, the water supply temperature of the air source heat pump can be reduced to 35°C, and the energy saving resistance will be higher.

In agricultural greenhouse and animal husbandry farming,

the temperature is usually around 50 ℃.

Heat pump for greenhouse and animal husbandry are cultivated at about 50 ℃ in winter, and traditional heating equipment requires the use of coal-fired heat furnaces, which not only has high energy consumption, but also pollution.

For a long time, temperature fluctuations very easy to cause serious losses.

The use of other electric heating equipment also has high energy consumption problems, and there are hidden safety hazards.

The air source heat pump can bring floor heating, heating pieces, and fan coils.

Not only is the temperature increased evenly, but also the heating speed is relatively fast. It can also intelligently perceive and control the temperature in the shed.

The safety hazards are relatively small. There is no need to manage it.

Of course, the initial investment in the installation of air source heat pump equipment will be greater, but the stability of heating reduces the risk of loss caused by temperature fluctuations, the energy consumption is relatively low, and it is cleaner.

The heating film system can be heated to a range of 65-80 ℃.

The radiator is one of the end of the air source heat pump, which releases heat and improves the indoor temperature.

There are many materials for radiators, including iron heating pieces, steel heating tablets, copper-aluminum composite heating tablets, and copper heating tablets.

Because the heat transfer method of the radiator belongs to the current and radiation, there is no ground heating temperature evenly.

Therefore, the radiators must reach the indoor temperature, and the water temperature above 60 ℃ is required to achieve indoor heat demand.

The air-source heat pump is used to drive the radiator. It needs to consume more electricity to exchange for the calories.

The more the number of energy consumption, the higher the energy consumption.

At this time, as the end of the heat dissipation, the ordinary air source heat pump is difficult to achieve the energy saving resistance.

It is necessary to use a high -temperature complicated heat pump to meet.

The application of air source heat pumps covers home and commercial life hot water, heating, cooling, constant temperature greenhouse, drying, drying, high-temperature heat pump, industrial special heat pump, constant temperature preservation, complementary energy, waste heat recovery, and other fields.

With the emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction in all walks of life, the application field of air source heat pumps is still increasing. In the future, air source heat pumps will show the cold and warm fields.

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