Industrial Chiller Installation Requirements

Industrial chiller installation requirements:

1. Power supply
(1) The power supply of the chiller adopts a three-phase four-wire, the power line (R, S, T) is connected to the live line, (N) is connected to the neutral line, and (G) is grounded.
(2) The perforation on the electric control box of the main power cord of the unit is connected to the connecting post in the box to ensure the connection is tight.

(3) Power distribution requirements for the unit: main power supply voltage: within ±10% of the rated voltage.
(4) When the main power supply voltage fluctuation exceeds the specified range, the chiller is not allowed to start, otherwise it will be regarded as improper operation, and the damage caused by this is not within the maintenance scope of our company.
(5) Interlocking circuits such as the water flow switch, water pump, and cooling tower motor of the water system can be correctly connected to the unit control circuit when necessary.
(6) The chiller is equipped with multiple measures such as current overload protection, high and low-pressure protection at the compressor discharge end, motor coil overheat protection, anti-icing protection, and cooling water flow interlocking protection.

The control circuit is advanced.

The control circuit of the company’s chiller has been installed and debugged in the factory.

Do not modify without authorization, if you need to modify, please contact our company.

Industrial chiller installation requirements

Industrial chiller installation requirements

2. Installation

In order to ensure the safety and normal operation of the air-conditioning system and prevent the chiller failure caused by improper water distribution pipeline construction, the following matters should be paid attention to when installing this unit:

(1) When lifting and installing the chiller, be careful not to damage the unit, and arrange the space around the chiller reasonably to facilitate the maintenance of the chiller.
(2) According to the requirements of national standards for piping system design, construction and installation, rationally design and install freezing water and cooling water systems to give full play to the performance of the chiller.

(3) The unit should be placed horizontally and installed in a ventilated position.

(4). Choose matching cooling towers according to the cooling capacity of the unit.
(5) Please refer to the piping method recommended by our company for the installation and construction of the unit piping.
(6) When the water source and the surrounding environment of the cooling water tower are bad, the chilled water and cooling water circuit must be equipped with Y-type filters and regularly cleaned. For system drainage.
(7) After the chilled water piping system has passed the leak test, it is covered with an insulating layer to avoid loss of cold capacity and dripping of the pipeline.



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