Choose the right air heat pump water heater

Because the air heat pump water heater can control the temperature of the swimming pool water, you can enjoy the fun of swimming even in the cold winter, so it is widely used in swimming pools, hotels, schools and other swimming pools. However, if the number of pool air heat pump water heaters used is too small, it may appear that the pool water cannot be heated to 26 ° C; on the contrary, if the number of heat pumps selected is too large, it will cause waste. Therefore, when choosing the swimming pool air source heat pump, choose the heating equipment suitable for your own swimming pool. So, how to choose? Let’s understand.

Choose the right air heat pump water heater

Choose the right air heat pump water heater

The installation of heat pumps for swimming pool projects is highly professional, involving a lot of parameters. Only after a good calculation can the appropriate swimming pool air heat pump water heater be selected. First of all, consumers need to prepare all data parameters in the preliminary design selection, such as the location of the swimming pool and the local climate environment, swimming pool area and water depth, outdoor or indoor data to understand. The more pool parameters you know, the better you can choose the right pool air source heat pump water heater to better control the pool water temperature.

In addition, the constant temperature heating effect of the pool when considering the air heat pump water heater needs two situations, one is the initial heating of the pool water, and the other is the constant temperature effect after the initial heating of the pool water. Special reminder, when selecting the swimming pool heat pump, choose the maximum load based on both the initial heating load and the swimming pool constant temperature heating load for unit selection, otherwise it will lead to too small selection of heat pumps. The editor recommends that consumers listen to the recommendations of the number of heat pump units of professional planners when choosing, and do not choose arbitrarily.

From the selection to the decision of the air heat pump water heater, it must be calculated by the heat pump scheme designer. The types of heat pumps with different types of swimming pools are different. For example, for indoor swimming pools, heat loss is smaller than outdoor swimming pools, so The indoor pool heat pump should be small.

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The functional requirements of the heat pump used are different for different purposes. For example, the first heating time for competition and special swimming pools is preferably 24-28h, the first time for these two types of swimming pools to be filled with water should be within 48 hours, and the first time for the leisure and water swimming pools to be filled with water for the first time is Within 72 hours. Therefore, the use of swimming pools is different, and the number of air heat pump water heaters selected is also different.

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