Major markets for heat pump in 2020

Major markets for heat pump in 2020

After the vigorous development of the industry in recent years, the air source heat pump products and technical direction have basically set the tone. At the same time, because of the high technical threshold in most new application areas, dealers urgently need systematic matching and solutions.

In 2020, where will air source heat pump products or systems go?Major markets for heat pump in 2020

  1. Commercial / Central Heating

Key points of innovation: customization, intelligence, frequency conversion, multi-energy complementation

Major markets for heat pump in 2020 (1)

Major markets for heat pump in 2020 (1)

  1. Stability at low temperature

Improve the stability of products under low temperature conditions, through the upgrade of compressors, evaporators, condensers and other accessories and system optimization, on the premise of ensuring the user experience, and then consider the improvement of energy efficiency or research and development under lower conditions Products used.

  1. System design frequency conversion

The system design is frequency-converted, such as the use of frequency-converted water pumps to achieve reasonable control of the flow rate, and to achieve differentiated and precise temperature control through the flow control.

  1. Intelligent remote control

Manufacturers need to develop their own set of control systems to realize an Internet of Things control system that can remotely control the unit group with one APP.

  1. Customized models in northwest / coastal areas

Corresponding models are customized according to the situation in different regions. For example, the unit in the northwest region increases the fin spacing of the evaporator or installs a sand control device to improve the stability and reliability of the equipment. In coastal areas, where the humidity is high, the defrosting mode needs to be adjusted, focusing on the corrosion of high salt, high humidity, and high temperature, using stainless steel or other host sheet metal with anti-corrosion coating.

  1. Unit condensate treatment

Optimize the discharge path of condensate, increase the size of the water inlet, and design a larger volume of water tray.

  1. Complementarity

The key to the complementary form of heat pump + other multi-energy forms is the control of the system, which needs to be seamlessly switched, otherwise a problem in one link will affect the effectiveness and energy efficiency of the entire system.

  1. Large water tank and Gudian energy storage technology

Adopt the heat storage method of large water tank, considering the installation position of the water tank, the size of the water tank, the type selection and configuration of the unit and the design of the use of valley electricity heat storage.

  1. Household heating field

Key points of innovation: full DC frequency conversion, split machine, one drag multi-heater

  1. Split machine suitable for lower temperature

To improve the anti-freezing ability of the split machine under low temperature conditions, the external machine requires smaller size, lighter weight and lower noise.

  1. Full DC frequency conversion technology

The inverter compressor and the powerful DC motor fan integrate the flexible adjustment advantages of the DC motor through the full DC control module to bring the excellent performance of the inverter unit into full play.

  1. One drag multi-heater

By increasing the power of the main engine, the “one drag more” function of the hot air fan is realized, and the initial installation cost and installation cycle of the equipment are reduced to meet the heating needs of rural users.

  1. “Fool” one-key operation

Reduce user difficulty. One-click operation simplifies the operation of the device.

  1. Noise reduction

Raise the sealing of the main machine shell to reduce the noise of the main machine, and add a rubber shock absorber during installation. The indoor water pump is changed to a shielded pump, which can also be taken through measures such as soft connection of the pump and shock absorption of the pump foundation. For the project with wind plate at the end, choose a silent motor or add a damping rubber pad at the connection between the angle iron bracket and the steel structure to reduce noise.

  1. Anti-corrosion unit

Introduced anti-corrosion units such as ethylene glycol and other antifreeze as media.

  1. Insulation matching

The system is anti-freezing, such as integrated insulation pipes, water pumps, valves and other components adopt effective protective insulat

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