Key points for the use of chillers

Water chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The working principle of the chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the water tank in the machine, and then cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system, and then the low-temperature cooling water is sent to the equipment to be cooled by the water pump, and the chilled water takes the heat away after the temperature It is raised and then returned to the water tank to achieve cooling. So what are the Key points for the use of chillers when using the chiller? The professional chiller manufacturer will organize and introduce for you.

The use of chillers should master the following key points for the use of chillers:

1. The place where the unit is installed must be the floor, installation mat or foundation, the level of which is within 6.4mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit.

2. During installation, please check whether the machine is damaged and choose a suitable place for easy installation and future maintenance.

3. The unit should be placed in a room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3°C, and there should be enough space around and above the unit for routine maintenance.

4. At one end of the unit, there should be a space for pipe extraction to clean the condenser tube bundle, and door openings or other suitable holes can also be used.

5. The water flow rate should remain stable under any load conditions.

6. In order to reduce noise and vibration, it is best to install vibration isolators on the pipeline.

7. Choose the water pipe with appropriate pipe diameter, the cooling system and cold water system when the unit is running at maximum power, and connect them correctly.

8. For ordinary applications, the water flow speed through the evaporator and condenser should be between 1.0-3.6m/s.

9. The design and installation of all chilled water and cooling water pipelines should be carried out according to conventional methods, and the chilled water pump should be located on the inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and flow in the unit. When piping, damping pipes should be installed to ensure proper flexibility, and to prevent water from the evaporator from being drained when the pump is stopped.

10. The pipeline should have a firm support independent of the chiller to avoid stress on the components of the chiller. The hanger should be set to facilitate pipe alignment.

11. In order to use the chiller economically and effectively, Keyuan recommends that water treatment experts analyze the quality of the water supplied to the evaporator and condenser. Poor water quality will cause fouling and affect heat transfer, or produce corrosion deposits, breed organic matter, and affect the unit’s performance. Performance, increase operation and maintenance costs.

12. Generally speaking, correct water treatment and regular cleaning of the tube bundle can maintain its good performance. If the existing water quality conditions cannot be improved by appropriate methods, then it is necessary to consider allowing the tube bundle to have a larger fouling coefficient or specify Specialized structural materials.

13. Please install a filter at the inlet of the water pipe and clean it regularly

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