International cold chain logistics will usher in a period of stagnation

International cold chain logistics will usher in a period of stagnation. In the first half of the year, the new crown epidemic has caused the international cold chain logistics market to shrink to a freezing point. Local customs supervision and inspection and quarantine have reached unprecedented strict standards. However, the special nature of imported cold chain products has made it impossible to comprehensively detect and judge whether there is a new crown virus. Since July, imported fresh products have been tested positive for the new crown virus in nine cities and ten places, but the relevant departments have not made it clear that they want to cancel the fresh product import business of countries in the affected area. This has also caused discussions among relevant groups. In fact, The basis for decision-making is very simple. In the face of interests, “health” and “epidemic prevention” must be the top priority.

Just yesterday, the Guangzhou Cold Chain Industry Association issued an emergency notice: “The notice requires all cold chain enterprises of the association to strictly follow the requirements of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration’s “Notice on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of the Quality and Safety of Frozen Food The main responsibility for the safety of frozen foods is to strictly implement the inspection and recording system for purchases, to effectively strengthen the management of the production and operation of refrigerated and frozen foods, and to suspend the import of frozen meat products and aquatic products from the epidemic area. All employees who come into contact with frozen meat and aquatic products will be taken immediately The new coronavirus nucleic acid test and insist on doing it once a week.”

It is believed that starting from Guangzhou, the international cold chain logistics and related service chain practitioners related to the import of fresh products in various ports and cities across the country will be affected by a wave. The specific time will also depend on the control of the global epidemic. . This is not what a practitioner wants to see, because the resulting individual employment, business operations, and even state-to-state relations will be greatly affected. Among the suppliers of, there are a large number of Shanghai Refrigerated Container International Logistics and freight forwarding companies. 90% of their international shipping business depends on the international cold chain industry. The advantage after segmentation is professional services. Cargo, packing, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution to the port of destination provide global cold chain one-stop international logistics services. The profit is indeed higher than ordinary cargo, but the requirements for operators are also higher than other freight forwarding subdivisions. Business, if the business stalls due to the epidemic this time, the relevant foreign and domestic teams, warehouses, and fleets will all be in crisis.

On the contrary, reducing the cold and fresh products from countries in the epidemic area will greatly reduce the probability of the new crown virus. It will also protect our international cold chain logistics practitioners from the risk of infection, protect the country from virus attacks, and maintain health and safety. For the purpose of epidemic prevention, it is very necessary for relevant departments to prohibit the import of fresh products from countries in the epidemic area. The impact on the international freight forwarding cold chain industry and practitioners is believed to be temporary. The domestic market cannot never recover, and the international epidemic will not. It will last forever, and there will be a period of prosperity in the future. During this period of stagnation, both companies and employees can upgrade their knowledge, management, and products, and take advantage of the market’s empty window for training and Learn to meet greater customer needs in the future.

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