New Product Release! Danfoss MLM/MLZ090-240 Large Refrigeration Scroll Compressor Launched

Danfoss has launched a new MLM/MLZ090-240 large-scale refrigeration scroll compressor, adhering to Danfoss’ traditional technical advantages and high market reputation in large-scale commercial scroll compressors, and extending the medium temperature scroll series to 30HP.

Danfoss Climate Solutions Division

Commercial Refrigeration Marketing Manager Introduction:

“We have noticed that the market for large-scale cold storage has developed rapidly in the past two years. On the one hand, affected by the epidemic, more consumers prefer fresh food e-commerce platforms, which has driven the construction of corresponding cold chain facilities, especially logistics cold storage. On the other hand, it is benefited from the introduction of the “14th Five-Year Plan” Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan, which has put forward clear requirements for the national backbone cold chain logistics base and the production and sales cold chain distribution center, and various provinces and cities are successively.

They formulated their own cold chain logistics development plans and put forward specific construction indicators, which will surely promote the continuous and steady development of the cold storage market. Seeing the growth potential of medium and large cold storage in the future, Danfoss launched a large-scale refrigeration scroll compressor this year. Series MLM/MLZ 090-240, the maximum cooling capacity of a single machine can reach 50kW, which is equivalent to the current mainstream semi-hermetic piston 35HP cooling capacity.”

MLM/MLZ090-240 large refrigerated scroll series, optimized and reliable verification for medium and high temperature refrigeration applications, suitable for cold storage, process cooling, supermarket refrigeration, laboratory equipment and ice machines, etc., as traditional semi-hermetic piston compressors It can help unit manufacturers, engineers and end users effectively reduce application costs.

MLMMLZ medium and high temperature scroll series

MLM/MLZ medium and high temperature scroll series

Advantages of Danfoss Large Scroll compressors

  1. Danfoss Large Scroll’s iconic large casing design and high oil injection can effectively cope with the complex working conditions of the refrigeration system, such as long pipelines, difficult oil return, and high risk of liquid return, ensuring the operation of the compressor and refrigeration system. reliability.
  2. The cooling capacity is large, and the cooling speed of the cold storage is faster; for example, the cooling capacity of 30HP MLZ is 25% higher than that of 30HP semi-sealed piston, which is equivalent to the cooling capacity of 35HP semi-sealed piston.
  3. Integrated electronic protection module, with overheating, overload, phase loss and reverse protection, provides all-round security for the compressor.
  4. IP54 protection grade, effectively waterproof and dustproof to cope with the complex outdoor environment.
  5. The compact structure design reduces the unit weight and occupied space.
  6. To achieve energy level adjustment through parallel units, improve partial load energy efficiency and reduce annual operating costs.

The manager concluded: “MLM/MLZ 090-240 has been successfully used in many projects such as cold storage, ice machine and so on since it was launched for half a year, and has been recognized and praised by customers. This also fully verifies Danfoss’ tradition in large scroll compressor technology. The advantages can help customers build a stable and reliable refrigeration system and reduce the initial investment and operating costs of the system.”

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