The air source heat pump has a large market space, low product penetration and strong demand certainty.

Chinese heat pump products have become the stable “first supplier” of European heat pump imports.

To undertake 60% of heat pump needs,

China GESON heat pump products have become the best choice to replace gas boilers!

China is the world’s largest heat pump country

The EU’s “Green Deal” pointed out that no new gas boilers will be added in 2030.

Air-Water heat pumps (current annual sales of about 1 million units) are expected to fully take over the gas boilers (7 million units in stock) in 2030,

Annual sales reach 7 million units,

That is, the demand for air source heat pump heating has increased by 6 times.

1. Air source heat pump sales in major countries in the world

Air Source Heat Pump Sales in Major Countries in the World

2. Market holdings in major European countries

Market Holdings in Major European Countries

From the point of view of market holdings, the market holdings of major European countries are all at low levels.

The countries with high holdings are mainly Nordic countries.

Among them, the highest Norwegian market holdings has only 5 units per 100 households.

With the advancement of world carbon reduction and carbon neutrality,

The penetration rate of heat pump products in the heating field has a broad space for improvement.

China will establish the status of world heat pump factory within two years

China is the world factory of HVAC,

The export of the mainland region accounts for 42.78% of the world’s export market of HVAC control machines.

3.Global HVAC export market structure

Global HVAC Export Market Structure

4. Global heat pump export market structure

Global Heat Pump Export Market Structure

From the perspective of the heat pump market,

China is the largest exporter in the global heat pump export market.

The heat pump export market share will account for 19% in 2021, and has not yet opened the gap with the second place.

Air source heat pumps have the advantage of industrial clusters in China,

The future status of the world’s factory for HVAC is just around the corner.

At present, heat pump factories in China and Europe are actively expanding production.

Considering the expansion efficiency and the shortage of production capacity,

China is expected to widen the share gap with the second place within two years.

Europe is the protagonist of this heat pump outbreak

Chinese heat pump products have become the stable “first supplier” of European heat pump imports.

China has undertaken 60% of the heat pump demand in Europe, ranking first.

Second place Japan accounted for only 10%.

5. European Air-source Heat Pump Import Pattern (2021)

European Air-source Heat Pump Import Pattern (2021)

6. China is the No. 1 supplier of Air-source Heat Pump in Europe

China is the No. 1 supplier of Air-source Heat Pump in Europe

7. Europe is the largest customer of China Air-source Heat Pump

Europe is the Largest Customer of China Air-source Heat Pump


Europe is China’s largest stable heat pump customer.

Economically developed countries such as France, Italy and Germany are China’s stable customers.

Domestic sales and re-exports are the sea of stars for domestic heat pump enterprises in the future.

The heat pump products that replace gas boilers at this stage are the real “air outlets”.

8. Heat pump product structure and growth in the European market over the past decade

Heat Pump Product Structure and Growth in the European Market over the Past Decade

9. Heat pump product structure and growth in the European market in the next decade

Heat Pump Product Structure and Growth in the European Market in the Next Decade


In 2021, the European heat pump market will sell 2.18 million heat pumps, a year-on-year increase of 34%.

Among them, the Air-water heat pump has increased significantly, driving the growth of the entire heat pump product.

EHPA predicts that the total number of heat pump products will exceed 10 million units in ten years.

We expect Air-water heat pumps alone to reach around 7 million units.


四、Carbon reduction is the first driving force for heat pumps Large heating demand: The temperate continental climate in Europe is mainly distributed in Asia, Siberia, central and eastern North America, and central and eastern Europe at 40° to 60°.

In winter under continental climate control, the average temperature of the coldest month,

The south is below 0°C, and the north is close to -40°C.

10 global climate distribution

Global Climate Distribution

Compared with northern my country:

The temperate monsoon climate is mainly distributed on the east coast of the mid-latitude continents in the northern hemisphere.

The winter is cold and dry, the average temperature of the coldest month is below 0℃, and the winter is cold.

High energy consumption for heating:

According to the “China Building Energy Efficiency Annual Development Research Report” released by the Building Energy Conservation Research Center of Tsinghua University,

The heating energy consumption of urban buildings in northern my country accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption of urban buildings in the country.

It is the largest component of building energy consumption.

According to JRSE journal statistics,

European building heating energy consumption and domestic hot water energy consumption account for 43% of the total social energy consumption.

Therefore, the cost-effective heating method will bring huge energy saving potential.

June 28, 2021 In response to climate change,

The European Parliament passed the European Climate Act,

Raise the EU’s 2030 emissions reduction target from 40% to at least 55%,

And make it legally binding to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

July 13th EU time,

The “Act Amendment” stipulates that the proportion of renewable energy will reach 45% by 2030.


Boiler ban + subsidized heat pump = certainty increase in penetration


The overall performance of European subsidy policy is as follows:

Fossil end restricted to prohibited,

The heat pump side is encouraged to subsidize

U.K. By 2035, no new gas boilers will be sold.
At the same time, developing the heat pump market,
After 2030, it will reach an annual installation of 600,000 units.
UK reduces heat pump installation and operating costs by 25-50% at least by 2025,
At the latest by 2030, it will reach the level of gas boilers.
From March 2022, a £5,000 reduction in the cost and installation of domestic air source heat pumps with a capacity of 45KWTH in England will be implemented until 2025.
France From 2022, the installation of new purified fossil fuel heating systems is prohibited, From April 15, 2022 to December 31, 2022, increase the subsidy of 1,000 euros for air-energy heat pumps for eligible households.
Germany “The German government intends to impose a massive ban on the installation of new oil from 2024
For air heating systems, the proportion of renewable energy used in new heating systems should reach 65%, and it is planned to install 500,000 units per year from 2024. “
From 2021, the direct subsidy available for heat pumps is 35%-45% of the cost of installing the heat pump. If the oil boiler is replaced with a heat pump, the user can get a 45% subsidy.
Netherlands “Fossil fuel boilers will be banned from 2026, hybrid warm pumps will be
Standard for home heating. “
From January 1, 2022, a heat pump subsidy from 500 euros is available. It is proposed that from January 1, 2026, the government will provide subsidies for the purchase of heat pumps, which are equivalent to an average of 30% of the purchase price.
Italy From July 2020, Super bonus: 110% of the purchase price can be refunded on the purchase of a heat pump, and the policy is expected to last until the end of 2023. Eco-Bonus subsidizes 65% indefinitely.
U.S. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 states that heat pumps and heat pump water heaters are eligible for loan credits up to $2,000 for the tax year; rebates: up to $1,750 for heat pump water heaters; up to $8,000 for heat pump heating or cooling; up to $840 for heat pump dryers dollars.

European Countries Heat Pump Goals and Policy Content

12. European petrochemical heating restrictions (update to 2022.07)

European Petrochemical Heating Restrictions (Update to 2022.07)


On the one hand, the new installation of fossil energy-based heating products is prohibited in stages.

Some countries have already made plans to prohibit the use.

On the other hand, vigorously encourage and subsidize the installation and use of heat pump products,

Long-term subsidies after large subsidies are still attractive.

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