Industrial Chillers Application for Electroplating industry

Electroplating industry includes:

— Electroplating, surface treatment

— Electroplating, electrophoresis

— Ultrasonic cleaning

— Ion coating

Standard industrial chillers can be applied to the above industries

Electroplating industry chiller

Electroplating industry chiller

1. Electroplating

Electrophoretic coating, anodizing (alumina), chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, etc.

The surface of the object to be plated is coated with a special metal layer or coating using the principle of electrochemistry.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning

Workpiece cleaning operations in electronic and electrical appliances, optical optoelectronics, mechanical hardware, precision instruments, watches, jewelry, jewelry processing, automotive parts, electroplating, ion-coated parts, magnetic materials, plastic products, textiles, printing, medical equipment, aviation and other industries

Industrial chillers can reduce the temperature of the cleaning agent, condense the gaseous cleaning agent, and effectively prevent the evaporation of the cleaning agent.

3. Ion coating

Surface treatment of watch parts, jewelry, jewelry, household hardware, plumbing equipment, craft jewelry, plastic products, sanitary ware, locks, lamps, tableware handles and other products.

The ionization source needs to be heated and started during initial work, and needs to be cooled during operation. Failure of the cooling system will cause damage to the ionization source. The cooling water must be pumped to the cooling channel in the ionization source with a high-pressure water pump to cool the ionization

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