The application of industrial chillers in the electronics industry

In the electronics industry, the industrial chillers has widely application.

— Circuit board production

— Production of electronic and electrical components

— Compressed air cooling

  1. Circuit board production

During the circuit board manufacturing process, heat is generated when the copper on the surface of the copper plate is corroded, so that the temperature in the corrosion pool rises, affecting the quality of the circuit board, and the temperature of the corrosion pool can be maintained by using an industrial chiller.

Circuit board cleaning: Industrial chillers can reduce the temperature of the cleaning agent, condense the gaseous cleaning agent, and effectively prevent the evaporation of the cleaning agent.

  1. Electronic and electrical components

When cleaning electronic components and circuit boards, the cleaning agent will evaporate into the air. Use an industrial chiller. Pass the cold water / refrigerant through the tube to condense the cleaning agent through the copper tube / titanium tube. Keep the cleaning pool at a moderate temperature to reduce the cleaning agent

Application of industrial chillers in the electronics industry

Application of industrial chillers in the electronics industry


  1. Compressed air drying

Generally, the water in the atmosphere is in a gaseous state, and it is not easy to detect its existence, but if it is compressed by the air compressor and cooled by the pipeline, it will condense into liquid water droplets. At an atmospheric temperature of 30C and a relative temperature of 75%, an air compressor with a discharge volume of 3NM3 / MIN and an operating pressure of 7BAR operates for 24 hours. The compressed air contains about 100L of water.

Use industrial chillers and use chilled water in conjunction with heat exchangers to reduce the moisture in compressed air.

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