Application of Industrial Chillers in Plastics Processing Industry

Application of Industrial Chillers in Plastics Processing Industry

— Injection

— Extrusion

— Bottle blowing

— Compression molding

— Blown film, calendered film


Standard industrial chillers can be applied to the above industries.

plastic processing chiller

plastic processing chiller

  1. Injection-mold cooling

The plastic particles are melted by heating and then injected into the mold. After condensation, the mold is opened to eject the molded rubber workpiece. In the continuous production process, it is necessary to use an injection mold chiller, it cools the mold to shorten the plastic setting time and improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. quality.

Frozen water temperature requirement: 6 … 18 ℃

Frozen water temperature difference requirement: ± 2K or ± 0.5K

Application of Industrial Chillers in Plastics Processing Industry. The cooling capacity of the chiller is related to the injection molding machine’s injection volume. The larger the injection volume, the greater the cooling capacity required.

  1. Application of Industrial Chillers in Extruded of plastic industry

Extruded pipes, wire channels, cables and various plastic profiles.

The heated and melted raw material is cooled by a frozen water bath after being molded by the mold. The temperature of the water in the frozen water bath must be kept constant.

Due to the high production speed, a large cooling unit is required due to the surface.

If the existing freezing pool is large enough, the unit may not be equipped with a water tank.

  1. Application of Industrial Chillers in Bottle blowing

Application of Industrial Chillers in Plastics Processing Industry include Mainly produce various types of mineral water bottles, soda bottles,

Compressed air drying-Blowing bottles require clean, dry compressed air. The frozen water provided by industrial chillers can be used as a cold source to remove moisture from the compressed air.

Mold cooling-The chiller can accurately control the mold temperature, improve product quality, and increase production efficiency.

Compressed air drying and mold cooling can use the same chiller as the cold source

  1. Thermoforming

The most common products are few containers, such as yogurt cups.

Plastic is extruded by a mold heated at a constant frequency. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature. The temperature difference range of chilled water is very high. Therefore, a proportional chilled water valve is required to adjust the temperature accurately.

  1. Hydraulic system

Application of Industrial Chillers in Plastics Processing Industry, includes  the mold opening, mold closing, and material injection all require the completion of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil absorbs the energy of the hydraulic pump and the temperature rises. Usually, the oil temperature cannot be higher than 60 ℃.

The temperature of the cooling water is about 27 ° C. Since the water temperature is different from the mold, the electric water valve needs to be separated from the mold cooling circuit or an independent cooling system is required.

Geson chillers has wide Application of Industrial Chillers in Plastics Processing Industry, built-in water pump and water tank, 4.5KW~500KW/ 1.3RT~200RT cooling capacity,0 degree celcius~25 degree celcius Chilled water temperature. Optional include a pump or a stainless teel water tank. Available with R22/R134A/R407C/R410A and etc. Optional electric heating system.


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