Application of heat pump unit in the FCH system

At present, the FCH system has been known by more and more parties and users. In terms of engineering support, some high-end hardcover real estate projects have begun to match the FCH system products. In the field of home improvement retail, the FCH system products are entering more home users.

Key points of innovation: integrated installation, north-south customized models, internet control

  1. Integrated design

    Application of heat pump unit in the FCH system

    Application of heat pump unit in the FCH system

Built-in hydraulic modules such as water pumps, pressure relief valves, expansion tanks, etc. into the host, to avoid dealers in the purchase of spare parts with unqualified parts, resulting in abnormal equipment operation, reducing unnecessary after-sales work.

  1. North and South customized models

In the northern market, the FCH system is designed and produced according to the GB/T25127 standard, while the southern region should follow the provisions of GB/T18430. Don’t deliberately adopt a standard to manufacture North and South GM units.

  1. Tianfudi water

When the water-fluorine integrated system is cooled in summer, the system does not require secondary heat exchange between refrigerant and water. However, considering the factory default compressor refrigeration lubricating oil, refrigerant charging, and fluorine system oil return control, Tianfu ground water is more suitable for use in small apartments.

  1. Units that match and upgrade environmentally friendly refrigerants

The technical reserve of the new refrigerant unit is put on the agenda, and the evaporator, heat exchanger, condenser, expansion valve and other aspects need to be optimized in terms of heat exchange area, flow path and pressure loss.

5.5G Internet control

The 5G Internet control technology is applied to the air-source heat pump combined supply product, which provides real-time feedback on the operation of the system, which is convenient for enterprises and distributors to grasp and collect various operation data of the product.

  1. HVAC combined application

Provide a more convenient and intuitive display for system design, and also help newcomers in the industry to better show the system design to users during the project negotiation process.

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