Application of heat pump unit in agriculture and animal husbandry

Application of heat pump unit in agriculture and animal husbandry

After the vigorous development of the industry in recent years, the air source heat pump products and technical direction have basically set the tone. At the same time, because of the high technical threshold in most new application areas, dealers urgently need systematic matching and solutions.

A. Constant temperature field of agricultural greenhouse

Key points of innovation: customized models, intelligent temperature control, humidity control and light control

  1. Operating stability under low temperature conditions

Winter heating of vegetables and flowers requires high heating capacity of the equipment at low temperatures. It is necessary to improve the performance and stability under low temperature conditions, such as improving the performance of the heat exchanger, upgrading of parts and defrosting procedures to improve the stability of the system.

Application of heat pump unit in agriculture and animal hus

Application of heat pump unit in agriculture and animal hus

  1. North and South models

At present, the units used in agricultural planting have the defects of unbalanced heating and humidity control, which makes it difficult to achieve the original intention of the design of adding constant temperature. As a result, the speed cannot be raised when the speed is increased, and the temperature rises too much when the speed is not required. Wet and cold in the south, re-heating and dehumidification, dry and cold in the north, more emphasis on heating. In the north, the return air bypass is used more, and in the south, the humidity is higher. When the waste heat is recovered, regular dehumidification can be considered.

  1. Frequency conversion

In different time periods, the heating needs of plants in greenhouses are different, and the frequency conversion technology can well adjust the heat output of the host. Some customers’ greenhouses may grow different types of crops at different times, so frequency conversion technology can output according to their actual temperature needs.

  1. Real-time temperature control

The control system requires higher and more precise. At present, most of the cultivation greenhouses use the traditional control logic of time division, but the temperature difference between vegetables and flowers is relatively small. Especially for high-end plants that are sensitive to temperature requirements, it is necessary to achieve temperature control at any time according to the real-time ambient temperature.

  1. Internet of things temperature control, humidity control and light control

The future trend of planting greenhouses must be intelligent temperature control, control and light control, which requires real-time detection of various parameters in the greenhouses, realizing intelligent control of the Internet of Things through the analysis of big data, and replacing manual operations with intelligent control operations. .

B. Constant temperature field of animal husbandry

Key innovation points: customization, intelligence, frequency conversion

  1. Customized models

To adjust product performance for different fields such as pig farms, chicken farms, snake houses, etc., we launched professional heating machines for pig farms, special heating machines for chicken farms or duck farms to meet the heating needs of different places.

  1. Intelligent and frequency conversion

    Application of heat pump unit in agriculture and animal hus

    Application of heat pump unit in agriculture and animal hus

Due to the differences in building types, insulation conditions, terminal conditions and temperature requirements at different growth stages, the calculation of heat load and unit selection are different in animal husbandry greenhouses; animal husbandry needs to strictly control the indoor ammonia and nitrogen content. Exhaust air volume and ambient temperature to control the operating time and temperature settings of the system.

When the air is exhausted, the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse are in a state of change. It is necessary to detect its temperature, humidity, air volume and other parameters through a real-time monitoring system, which requires frequency conversion technology.

  1. Anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-mouse and anti-rust

Use corrosion-resistant sheet metal, wires, cables, etc. Animal husbandry greenhouses are generally located in mountainous areas, and there are many floods and rodents. System design and installation need to be waterproof and rodent-proof. For example, all parts of the host with holes must be sealed, and the wiring should not be too low. Dangling.

  1. Large-scale application of commercial hot air blowers

The commercial hot air fan directly blows the air pipe toward the farm, which can be simply understood as a large hot air fan. The initial investment of this type of unit is relatively low and the heating rate is fast.

  1. System solution

Due to differences in different regions, locations, greenhouse types, structures, etc., we provide dealers with system solutions, including mainframes, system control, and integrated accessories. Dealers or customers only need to make simple parameter adjustments to reduce system design and The difficulty of after-sales service.

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