Application of heat pump in the field of waste heat recovery

Application of heat pump in the field of waste heat recovery

Key points of innovation: customized solutions, differentiated cooperation models

  1. Anti-corrosion and anti-dirty plugging

The waste heat and waste gas waste heat recovery unit needs to be anti-corrosion and anti-blocking. The heat exchanger or sheet metal needs to be anti-corrosion measures and pre-treatment of water to avoid dirty plugging. The plate heat exchanger is changed to a tube heat exchanger.

  1. Customized waste heat recovery model

Develop corresponding waste heat recovery units according to the temperature range, such as high temperature waste heat recovery, medium temperature waste heat recovery and low temperature waste heat recovery units, as well as sewage waste heat recovery equipment and flue gas waste heat recovery equipment. Taking the high-temperature flue gas waste heat recovery unit as an example, a compressor that matches the high-temperature refrigerant is required, and each component needs to meet the requirements for use in a high-temperature environment. At the same time, the unit must do anti-corrosion treatment and flue gas pollutant discharge treatment.

  1. Diversified cooperation models

The cooperation model of waste heat recovery projects is diversified, such as sales through contract energy management, equipment financing lease and equipment installment payment.

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