Application of air energy heat pump in the field of commercial hot water

Application of air-energy heat pumps are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and many projects have less operating costs than coal-fired after the transformation. It can also achieve unmanned management throughout the year, the system operates automatically, there is no high-risk equipment such as pressure vessels, and the safety performance is stronger than that of the boiler. There is no need to increase the daily maintenance, inspection and management personnel costs of the boiler.

In addition to the coal-to-electricity heating project, the commercial hot water transformation market has also sprung up, especially in the northern regions. More and more hot water renovation projects in hotels and guesthouses,

Application of air energy heat pump in the field of commercial hot water

Application of air energy heat pump in the field of commercial hot water

The main points of air energy heat pump application innovation: modularization, customization, intelligence, integration

  1. Module pressure air heat pump hot water system

The modular pressurized air energy heat pump hot water unit has many advantages such as fewer parts, simple installation, small footprint, fast water production speed, and good heat insulation effect of the water tank.

  1. Self-contained return water and make-up heat pump system

The heat pump has its own water supply and return water system, which can reduce the procurement cost of the dealer system and reduce the difficulty of design and installation.

  1. Add an air heat pump with electric control port

The heat pump increases the space of the electric control box before the product leaves the factory, reserves the installation position and wiring port of the circulating pump AC contactor, reduces the trouble of external connection, and can also improve the stability of the system operation and reduce the after-sales cost.

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