Application of heat pump in constant temperature swimming pool

Constant temperature swimming pool, also called indoor constant temperature swimming pool; that is, the temperature of the swimming pool water is maintained at 26-28 degrees, which is suitable for the temperature of the human body. In design, the water body of the indoor swimming pool is generally heated by various methods to maintain constant temperature.

The swimming pool thermostatic heat pump stands out from the heavy surrounding of solar energy, gas boilers and coal-fired boilers. With its advantages of safety, energy saving and convenient operation, it has occupied the high ground of the transition to “low carbon energy saving” with the attitude of the dark horse. His working principle is It absorbs the low-temperature heat energy in the air, converts it into high-temperature heat energy after being compressed by the compressor, and heats the water temperature. The initial investment of swimming pool heat pumps is three to five times that of gas, natural gas, and electric water heaters, but its daily operating costs are lower. Therefore, the swimming pool constant temperature heat pump will surely become the leading product in the future hot water market.

Key points of innovation: customized products, intelligent, multi-functional solutions

Application of heat pump in the constant temperature swimming poo

Application of heat pump in the constant temperature swimming poo

  1. Customized hot water unit

Swimming pool heat pump units designed for use environments such as swimming pools, diving pools, and water pools, infant pool heat pumps designed for use environments such as baby swimming pools, parent-child pools, and hot springs in various hot spring pools, spa pools, sauna pools, and other places Heat pump unit, etc.

  1. Frequency conversion technology

According to the changes of ambient temperature and water temperature, the output of the unit and the speed of the fan are adjusted to ensure the constant temperature, and at the same time improve the overall energy efficiency of the system.

  1. Three-in-one / five-in-one multi-function

Towards the development of a five-in-one thermostatic swimming pool heat pump for dehumidification, heating, cooling, fresh air and waste heat recovery.

  1. Intelligent swimming pool

Through the intelligent control system, real-time detection of swimming pool water temperature, water quality, room temperature, humidity, air quality and other parameters, the hot water system and the multifunctional constant temperature dehumidification system are combined to realize automatic control and remote control.

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