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Seawater source heat pump (sewage source heat pump) is a heat pump unit that uses seawater as a water heat source to produce high temperature hot water (hot water temperature up to 100 degrees), mainly used in farms with seawater source (sewage source), seaside Placement of islands, industrial wastewater, water treatment plants and other special geographical environments.

The sea water is rich in energy. Seawater source heat pump is a heat pump technology that uses the principle of heat pump to transfer low-level thermal energy in seawater to high-level thermal energy through a small amount of electrical energy input. At present, seawater source heat pumps have been used in many foreign countries, especially in Northern Europe, which has been applied on a large scale. China is a country with a long coastline and large-scale marine aquaculture. Seawater source heat pumps have also been applied to a certain extent.

seawater source heat pump

seawater source heat pump

GESON seawater source heat pump specializes in the special design of seawater source or sewage source corrosion type, overcomes the high salt content and corrosivity of seawater, mainly contains sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and a small amount of sodium sulfate, calcium sulfate, has strong corrosion and The problem of hardness and prevention of seawater corrosion is very important in the design. The second is to consider the nourishment of microorganisms. In the seaside area, the tidal movement often causes the sediment to move and accumulate, which is more obvious in the muddy beach area. At the same time, the marine attachments are very rich, including seaweeds, bacteria, and microorganisms. Propagation, attaching to water intake structures, pipelines, and equipment and easily causing blockages, poses a great threat to the reliable operation of the system, and the design of the water intake is very critical. The third is the tide change problem. Tides and waves, there is a high tide every 12 hours, and a low tide after 6 hours, causing the water level to change around 2-3 meters. The sea waves are caused by wind and have a great destructive power. Notice the effects of tides and waves.

    GESON sewage source heat pump has the characteristics of high energy efficiency ratio, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and simple flow of the refrigeration system. The cooling and heating process is realized by switching the pipes of the water system. At present, sewage source heat pump units have been widely used in shopping malls, hotels, hotels, hospitals, factories, office buildings, northern central heating, industrial heat recovery, seawater aquaculture, industrial high-temperature hot water and other occasions.

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