GESON seawater source heat pump (sewage source heat pump) mainly has the following characteristics:

  1. Compact structure and stable operation

The condenser and dry evaporator of the unit adopt high-efficiency heat transfer tubes. The main engine adopts imported high-efficiency semi-closed twin-screw compressor, which has many advantages such as compact structure, small size, light weight, small installation position and so on. The semi-closed twin screw compressor has few moving parts. The compressor uses a 5: 6 ultra-efficient screw rotor. There is no direct wear between the rotors and the reliability is high. Because the screw machine is a continuous compressor without pulsation, the seawater source heat pump unit has the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, low vibration and stable operation. Compared with the reciprocating compressor, the efficiency is increased by 20% -30%, and it has obtained IS09001 international quality certification and patents in Europe and the United States;

  1. Perfect energy control system

    GESON seawater source heat pump (sewage source heat pump) characteristics

    GESON seawater source heat pump (sewage source heat pump) characteristics

Sewage source heat pump has a four-level capacity control system, energy adjustment: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% (or start, 0%), according to the load change self-operation adjustment unit start and stop, more energy saving;

  1. Independent refrigeration cycle system

The large-capacity seawater source heat pump unit has two or more independent refrigeration circuits, even if one circuit fails / maintains, the other circuit can operate normally. With mutual backup function, it is especially suitable for use in air-conditioning and industrial non-stop environments;

  1. Simple and intuitive operation

The unit uses a microcomputer programmable controller (PLC Chinese or English display), touch screen display, follow the menu selection on the screen, directly touch the display button on the screen with your finger to start the water (ground) source heat pump chiller. The screen can display the running status of the unit at any time, and can be displayed in two ways of graphics and text table parameters, at a glance;

  1. Protection function of microcomputer controller

With over-temperature protection of the compressor coil, oil preheating timer switch, cold water flow switch, cold water outlet temperature low temperature protection, Y- △ start failure protection, exhaust temperature high protection, compressor overload protection, power-off memory Function, frequent start and stop protection, abnormal voltage protection, low oil level protection, high and low voltage protection and other protection functions;

  1. High degree of automation control:

Complete functions, can realize screw water (ground) source heat pump unit start and stop program management, timing control, water pump management, full-function fault alarm and fault self-diagnosis function. At the same time, it is equipped with RS485 communication interface, which is convenient for users to realize centralized monitoring and remote monitoring of the unit;

  1. Significant environmental benefits:

It is a heating and air-conditioning system that uses surface water as a cold and heat source for energy conversion. When heating, the boiler room system such as coal, gas, and oil is eliminated, and there is no combustion process to avoid smoke and sewage pollution; when cooling, the cooling water tower is eliminated, and the cooling tower noise and mold pollution are avoided. Water consumption;

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

The electrical energy used is a clean energy source. A well-designed water source heat pump unit is equivalent to a reduction of more than 30% in power consumption compared to an air source heat pump, and is equivalent to a reduction of more than 70% in power consumption compared to electric heating. Therefore, while saving energy, the water source heat pump also reduces and reduces the pollution emissions and greenhouse effect generated during the primary energy consumption during power generation;

  1. Easy to install

All sewage source heat pump units have completed all component installation and operation tests in the factory, and have been filled with refrigerant and refrigeration oil. Users only need to connect the waterway and circuit to put it into use, reducing installation and commissioning time;

In short, the GESON seawater source heat pump (sewage source heat pump) is designed with special materials, has a corrosion-resistant condenser, an evaporator matched with a high-efficiency refrigeration system and a control system, and has high efficiency, stable energy saving, and has won the favor and recommendation of customers.

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