Project Description

GSAC Air Cooled Scroll Chiller 3HP~80HP

Geson air cooled scroll chiller has a cooling capacity: 3HP~180HP, it uses the brand famous scroll compressors. High-efficiency air condenser, copper tube, and aluminum fins. Shell and tube evaporator.

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The air-cooled scroll chiller has a water tank and water pump in it. Easy for your installation.

The air scroll chiller is packaged design, very convenient for customers to maintain and service.

Widely applied in the industrial field:

  • Chemical reaction still cooling
  • Injection Molding machinery cooling
  • Blowing Molding machinery cooling
  • Plastic extruding machinery cooling
  • Food and beverage cooling


  • 3HP~180HP cooling capacity
  • -5~25℃ outlet temperature
  • No need the water tower
  • Built in a water tank and water tank
  • Easy for maintain and service.
  • Scroll compressor is long-life operating and easy to maintain.
  • Completely tested before the delivery.
  • Very convinient for the industry users.
  • Heating function is also available.
  • Can work well in any enviorenment.
  • Can customize according to the customer’s need.

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