Industrial Chiller Installation Precautions

With the continuous improvement of domestic industrial production capacity, industrial chillers are increasingly favored by enterprises. However, during the installation of industrial chillers, some installation problems are often encountered.

So how do we properly install industrial chillers?

The industrial chiller installation method and specific environment:

Industrial chiller installation tutorial and precautions

Industrial chiller installation tutorial and precautions

  1. Appropriate Environment

Everyone knows that in summer, the temperature increase will be relatively large, and electronic devices are prone to high-temperature load.

Taking a mobile phone as an example, I believe that everyone has experienced playing with mobile phones in summer.

If the mobile phone is stuck, it will explode if it is heavy, so generally, everyone will like to stay in a ventilated or air-conditioned room, so the same as the water chiller for electronic mechanical equipment.

You need to choose a highly secure installation environment.

Due to the high temperature that occurs during the operation of industrial chillers, you must choose an installation environment with a lower ambient temperature and better ventilation.

Keep away from all kinds of flammable and explosive substances, which can achieve the purpose of improving the operating efficiency of industrial chillers.

  1. Stable power supply

The power supply of the chiller adopts a three-phase four-wire, the power wire (R, S, T) is connected to the live wire, (N) is connected to the neutral wire, and (G) is the ground wire.

The unit is connected to the post in the box with a perforation on the main power line of the electric control box to ensure the connection is tight.

The chiller is equipped with various measures such as current overload protection, high and low-pressure protection at the discharge end of the compressor, overheat protection of the motor coil, anti-icing protection, and interlocking protection of the cooling water flow, and advanced control circuits.

The control circuit of the chiller has been installed and debugged by the industrial chiller manufacturer, please do not change it at will.

Installation Precautions:

  1. Please check whether the industrial chiller is damaged during installation, and choose a suitable place for installation and future maintenance.
  2. The site where the unit is installed must be the floor, installation mat, or foundation, its level is within 6.4mm, and it can bear the unit’s operating weight.
  3. The unit should be placed in an engine room with a room temperature of 4.4-43.3 ° C. There should be sufficient space around and above the unit for daily maintenance work.
  4. At one end of the unit, there should be space for the exhaust pipe for cleaning the condenser tube bundle, and door holes or other suitable holes can also be used.
  5. When the surrounding environment of the water source and the cooling water tower is bad, Y-type filters must be installed and regularly cleaned for the chilled water and cooling water circuits. The highest part of the closed chilled water system must be installed with an automatic exhaust valve, and the lowest part of the system must be equipped with a drainage joint to drain the system use.
  6. Choose matching cooling towers according to the refrigeration capacity of industrial chillers.
  7. After the chilled water pipeline system passes the leak test, wrap the insulation layer to avoid the loss of cold and dripping of the pipeline.

After reading this post, did you learn some more knowledge, so that we can solve the minor problems by ourselves in the future, without having to wait so much for several days or even longer to wait for the installer?

Of course, in addition to installation, inspection and maintenance of industrial chillers should be done in normal work, so that the life of industrial chillers can be extended more effectively.

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