Central air-conditioning: Ducted Air-conditioning unit VS Variable Refrigerant Flow

The ducted Air-conditioning unit is a one-for-one form, with one host supporting one indoor unit, and the installation quantity can be selected according to requirements. The air ducted Air-conditioning unit has a large air outlet and a higher distance from the ground, which is more comfortable and cost-effective than a split machine. The ducted Air-conditioning unit is affordable and belongs to the “civilian machine” in the central air conditioner, which is suitable for ordinary household use.


Variable Refrigerant Flow is a form of one-to-one, one outdoor host with multiple indoor units. The use of DC frequency conversion technology is more energy efficient and avoids affecting the overall appearance of the house. In addition, an outdoor unit is also convenient for after-sale management such as later maintenance. Compared with the applicable model of the same area ducted Air-conditioning unit, the price of the Variable Refrigerant Flow group is slightly higher. Two important reference indicators when choosing an air conditioner are the cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner.

The air ducted Air-conditioning unit and Variable Refrigerant Flow are hidden in the ceiling, which saves space and does not damage the overall decoration effect in the room. It is more stylish and beautiful than the split air conditioner! No matter whether it is a ducted Air-conditioning unit or multiple connections, the aesthetics are not much different, and each has its advantages. However, the copper tube of the ducted Air-conditioning unit is taken separately, and the ceiling will increase accordingly, and the multi-connected copper tube is one to the end, which is based on the condition of the ceiling.