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An industrial water chiller is the workhorse in various manufacturing and industrial processes. While you don’t always see it, the industrial chiller system is crucial in maintaining key industrial processes.

It helps to keep the interior of a building cool so you can be comfortable. It helps to produce certain food products and beverages. It helps to manufacture basic items such as vehicles, chairs, and any other items you see.

Its value is immeasurable. Businesses that are looking for industrial chiller units for sale must educate themselves about the different types and capacities.

The following is a list of the most common questions that relate to the application and selection of an industrial water chiller system.

Use these questions as guide to inform you about the best options available in the market to suit your business needs and application.




How does an industrial chiller work?

There are two main principles of which the function of an industrial chiller is based on: vapor absorption and vapor compression.

Vapor compression is when the refrigerant undergoes several change of phases – from vapor to liquid and then back to vapor again.

Vapor absorption is when the refrigerant gets condensed when it passes the condenser. After that, the refrigerant is evaporated through the evaporator.

What refrigerant is used in an industrial water chiller?

The R717 refrigerant, also known as ammonia, is the most common type of refrigerant used in an water chiller.

This refrigerant is categorized as a halogen-free chemical. It is one of the most popular types of refrigerants that are utilized in chiller systems all over the world.

Ammonia is the preferred choice for industrial manufacturing chiller units for sale is that it has a high heat absorption rating. When used in an industrial chiller system, it delivers faster cooling effect.

The use of ammonia is also recommended for water cooled industrial manufacturing chillers that are portable in size. This eliminates the need to build a large cooling plant.

Is there a difference between air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers?

If you cannot decide whether to get the water cooled industrial chillers or the air cooled chillers ones, you can determine it based on the intended application and method of cooling.

Water cooled chillers typically employ a tube-shaped or plate-type heat exchanger. This is responsible for processing water that comes from a cooling tower (or any other water source that allows the refrigerant to cool).

Air cooled chillers, on the other hand, operate differently. It uses the ambient air as a refrigerant and the condenser is responsible for processing that ambient air to lower its temperature.

While these two types of chillers are different in their use of refrigerant, all industrial chiller units will have the same basic components.

How much water is needed for an industrial chiller?

The amount of water that is consumed for an industrial chiller will vary significantly.

This is a critical factor to consider when installing an industrial process chiller. Some of the industrial chiller units run for several shifts during the day, which can make the cost of water add up quickly.

You can check the rate of flow in gallons per minute. This will help determine the amount of water to supply when looking at industrial chiller for sale.




How do you correctly size a chiller?

There are plenty of industrial water chiller manufacturers and several models to choose from. Sizing the industrial water chiller system correctly is one of the biggest challenges you will face.

Choosing the right size for industrial water cooled chiller is actually simple. It requires a specific formula that will determine the best size for your intended application.

First, you have to determine the change in temperature from the time the water enters the industrial chiller units to the time that it had been processed.

Next, you must check the rate of flow in gallons per minute on your industrial chiller.

Using these two figures, you can now calculate the BTU for the industrial chiller unit. You must now determine the tons of cooling needed from the water cooled industrial chillers.

The above formula will help you determine the right size of industrial chiller system unit to get.

Industrial Water Cooled Chillers

Industrial Water Cooled Chillers

What are the main advantages of installing an industrial water chiller?

There are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy when installing an industrial chiller.

Significant savings in terms of the water usage and electrical consumption are some of the primary benefits you can get.

The industrial chiller price might be big upfront; however, the savings you can get in the long run will pay off.

Manufacturing engineers have reported a significant drop in electric consumption and water usage after the installation. It is recommended if you have a large-scale use for cooling.

What is portable water cooled industrial chillers?

The term “portable” refers to the basic configuration of an industrial water cooled chiller. It does not refer to the mobility of the unit itself.

In general, portable water cooled industrial chillers will never be moved following installation. Instead, it refers to any industrial water cooed chiller that contains all basic components in a single footprint.

A portable industrial water chiller system is controlled via a single point electrical connection. It will also be equipped with all the motor starters you would expect from other systems.

Most portable industrial process chiller units will also have a cooling capacity of no more than 100 tons.

What is central water cooled industrial chillers?

Central water cooled chiller units refer to a system that is capable of cooling various processes using a single unit. These industrial water cooled chiller are often part of a single plant that operates at the same time.

The main component of a central chiller unit is a standalone chiller. It is connected to the industrial water chiller system through pipes that are connected to a pump and a reservoir.

The central industrial process chiller will have separate controls. Therefore, you can adjust the function of the pump/s and the chiller. Each component has its own electrical component, too.

A typical cooling capacity for central water cooled industrial chillers can be up to 250 tons.

When can you use industrial chiller units?

As one of the top industrial chiller manufacturers in China and Asia, we offer chiller units that can be used for a variety of industrial applications.

You may use our industrial chiller system whenever the following conditions are applicable:

  • You have access to water from a cooling tower.
  • You need to have a pump.
  • You cannot utilize inside air for cooling.
  • You won’t need supplemental heating.
  • Your plant is air-conditioned.

How is process water cooled chiller different from a chiller?

There are numerous industrial water cooled chillers manufacturers in the market. water cooled chiller are often referred to as chillers. Therefore, it is easy for consumers to be confused about such terms.

There is actually a difference between a process water chiller and a cooler. This is true even when the chillers are used for industrial or non-industrial purposes.

There is a false notion that all chillers are designed for industrial use only, as well as the manufacturing industry. However, this belief could lead you to invest in the wrong type of chiller for a specific use.

Industrial water cooled chiller is designed for industrial applications that require you to control the temperature and humidity within a given space. For this application, you will need a constant degree of output water temperature.

You will need it for cooling industrial machinery that generates heat when used. It can also be used to cool fluid to prevent contamination during the production process.

Industrial process coolers are crucial in increasing efficiency and improving output for specific production processes.

Industrial water chillers, on the other hand, are designed for cooling rooms, cabinets, or specific spaces. Cooling is required but might not be as precise in the temperature as process coolers.

How is process chiller used in manufacturing?

The process chillers has many industrial applications and one of them is in the manufacturing sector.

The use of an industrial process chillers has made manufacturing process reliable and efficient. It helps with improving temperature control and reducing the overall cost of production.

Take into account the different manufacturing processes required when comparing or buying from various process chillers manufacturers.

It is also important that the industrial chiller system you choose meets the ISO standards. This is how you can guarantee quality and efficiency from the system.

How is process chillers used in the rubber and plastic industry?

The use of industrial chiller for cooling processes in the rubber and plastic industry has many applications.

Among these applications are the following:

  • Mold cooling
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Extrusion
  • Bubble film protection
  • Cooling oil circuit

How is industrial chiller used in the metal industry?

An industrial chiller also has many applications in the metal industry.

Here are some examples on how a process chiller is used in this industry:

  • Electroplating
  • Cooling of metal

How is industrial chiller used in the food and beverage industry?

The application of industrial chiller in the food and beverage industry is widely known.

Here are some examples of the use of cooling processes in this industry:

  • Food storage
  • Production of food
  • Pasteurization control
  • Bottling of food and beverage
  • Fermentation of beverage
  • Stabilization of beverage
  • Cooling of food and beverage

How is industrial process chiller used in the laser and metal industry?

The use of industrial process chiller is also widely accepted in the laser and metal industry.

There are numerous ways to employ the cooling system and technology for this industry:

  • Welding
  • Laser cutting
  • Marking
  • Electroplating
  • Forming of metal products

What are other applications for industrial water cooled chiller and coolers?

There are other industries that benefit from the use of an industrial water chiller system.

It is used for the control of chemical reactions in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as paint production and cosmetics.

It is used for cooling oil circuit in the manufacture and handling of machine tools.

Industrial water chillers are also used for grinding and cooling hydraulic circuit in the automotive industry.

Industrial chiller units for sale can be used in gas cooling and renewable energies application. For these two, it involves the cooling of water in the gas exchange process.

In the medical laboratory setting, an industrial water chiller is used to cool various equipment such as MR, CT, and PET scanners.

What is an air cool industrial chiller?

An air cool industrial chiller is a specific type of chiller system that works in tandem with an air handler system. The use of air helps to cool the refrigerant in the system to emit cooled air.

There are four main parts that comprise an air cool industrial chiller: evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.

The industrial air cool water chiller works by absorbing heat from the processed water and then transferring it to the air within the chiller.

What is the average industrial water chiller price in the market?

The average cost of industrial water chiller for sale in the market will vary significantly.

There are different water chiller manufacturers to choose from. Before you invest in industrial chiller units, it is important to do a price comparison.

The industrial chiller price can range at $350 to as much as $1,000 per ton of cooling capacity.

The industrial chiller price will be determined based on the size of the chiller. This explains why it is important to choose the correct size of chiller to ensure cost-efficiency of its operation.

What Kind Of Support Can You Get With Our Industrial Chiller For Sale?

When you buy our industrial water chiller for sale, you can get 24/7 support. We have a highly dedicated and trained staff available to answer your queries or concerns.

Our goal is to make it easy to install your industrial water cooled chillers so that you can use them upon installation.

Feel free to send over your questions or contact us in the most convenient way possible so we can help with its use.

Chiller Operating Rules of Industrial Water Chiller:

1. Confirm before each boot
(1) The power supply voltage is normal. Standard voltage ±10%
(2) The corresponding valves of the chilled water and cooling water systems have been opened.
(3) The cooling tower has sufficient water volume and the chilled water automatic exhaust valve is opened.
The make-up water system is normal.
(4) The differential pressure bypass valve works normally.
(5) The unit has been energized and warmed up for 12 hours.
2. Boot procedure
(1) Start cooling, freezing pumps, fan coils, cooling tower and other auxiliary equipment,
Check whether the flow of chilled water and cooling water is normal,
Check whether other equipment is operating normally.
(2) Set the required chilled water temperature.
(3) Press the ON button to start the unit.

Safe Operation Regulations of Industrial Water Chiller.

  1. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the safety device beyond the safety “set value”!
  2. It is strictly prohibited to stop the cooling, freezing pump and then stop the industrial chiller units!
  3. Long-term operation of the water chiller without a water flow switch is strictly prohibited!
  4. Switching on when the protective device is abnormal is strictly prohibited!
  5. Switching on when the cooling water or freezing water is insufficient is strictly prohibited!
  6. After a long-term power failure, it is strictly forbidden to start the industrial water chiller without preheating!
  7. It is strictly prohibited to start the machine when the water pressure and water flow are unstable!
  8. It is strictly prohibited to start the industrial chiller when it is obviously exposed to the vibration of the

What Are Industrial water chiller?

Industrial water chiller are a type of refrigeration system that is designed to lower the temperature of process equipment such as machinery, as well as industrial or large commercial spaces. The unit is able to generate low temperature through a process that involves the removal of heat and then transferring it somewhere else.

Industrial chiller are called as such because they are used primarily in large industries, which make it different from traditional HVAC systems that are intended for office spaces or residential buildings.

Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial water chillers

What Are Industrial water chillers Used For?

Industrial chillers are an integral part of process cooling in order to remove excess heat from various machinery or equipment during production. For this reason, you can use this product for a number of applications and industries where cooling is needed.

Some of the most common applications for industrial water chillers are in the following industries:

  • Food and beverage process equipment
  • Commercial printing
  • Metal finishing
  • Laser cutting
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing process equipment
  • Composite manufacturing
  • Machine tooling
  • Die-casting
  • Transportation manufacturing

No matter what industry the industrial chillers are used for, generating adequate cooling is vital to productivity and efficiency. It is important to match the cooling capacity for the intended application to maximize the performance of the unit itself.



How Do Industrial water chillers Function?

In the production process equipment, heat is generated due to various processes such as burning, use of process equipment, and friction. When heat is produced, it is important to generate a way to release that heat or lower temperature by providing a cooling solution. This is where industrial water chillers prove useful.

Industrial chillers work by directing heat away from the equipment or a given space, such as laboratory or manufacturing plant. This is known as process cooling. Maintaining the temperature within the space is vital in order to optimize the lifespan of the machinery or equipment used. It is also essential to facilitate the production process.

Industrial water chillers are different from traditional HVAC systems that are used in office buildings or homes. The latter is only able to generate a certain amount of cooling. The ones used for industrial processes require a large cooling capacity to maintain the ideal low temperature for production.

In order to facilitate process coolingindustrial chillers are made up of four components – each one with a crucial role to play in maintaining the cooling effect.

Industrial Chiller Units

Water Cooled Chillers

The evaporator is the first main component of industrial chillers. It is responsible for process equipment the water or any coolant that enters the system. It boils the refrigerant in order to convert liquid into gas form.

Once the refrigerant is in gas form, it moves to the next component of industrial chillers: compressor. The compressor helps to increase the pressure of the gas so that it releases excess heat before introducing it to the condenser.

The condenser is the third major component of industrial chillers. This is where the cooling process happens. The final stage is when the refrigerant travels to the expansion valve. This is the last step before the cycle is repeated all over again.



What Are The Types Of Industrial water chillers?

There are different types of industrial chillers to choose from. Each of these industrial-grade units are designed for different uses and cooling capacities. It is important to get to know each other to meet your specific requirements.

Types Of Chillers PdfTypes of Chillers Pdf

The first type of industrial chillers unit is the scroll industrial chillers. It is available in compressors that are up to 34 HP. The interlocking scrolls are responsible for generating pressure towards the refrigerant for small or single equipment cooling. It is best for sporadic process applications or lower cooling requirements.

The semi-hermetic industrial chillers is another type of industrial chiller unit. This type of industrial chiller is best for large industrial and cooling needs. It can be air or water cooled and is available in up to 100 HP of the compressor power.

Industrial Chillers Manufacturers

Industrial Chillers Manufacturers

The screw industrial chiller is the third type of industrial water chillers that is available in the market. This one is a bit more flexible as it can be suited for both light and heavy-duty cooling requirements. It utilizes a screw in order to generate movement that is designed to compress the refrigerant. It is one of the most versatile types of industrial chillers.

In addition to the types of industrial chillers described above, there are manufacturers that are able to customize the system for your specific needs. In fact, it is possible to build remote condenser systems so you can have the different components installed in separate areas (possible for locations with limited space).

You should also look out for additional features in industrial chillers such as emergency alarms, city water switchover (for those with water pumps), hot gas bypass, and casters.

If you are still not sure, you can contact an industrial chiller expert in your area. They can provide you with a professional advice in choosing industrial chillers that are right for your needs.



What Technology Is Used For Industrial water chillers?

The vapor absorption and vapor compression technology are two that are commonly used in industrial water chillers. Both of these technologies follow a thermodynamic cycle with the purpose of driving heat away from the refrigerant.

Due to the use of these types of technology, industrial chillers are known to be highly efficient. They consume low electrical power and can generate a high amount of cooling capacity – depending on the size of the unit itself.

Industrial chillers for Pharmaceutical Processing

What Are The Benefits Of Industrial chillers?

Chillers are a great investment for medium to large-scale commercial and industrial applications. They ensure productivity by maintaining your equipment’s operational capability and ensuring that the processes go smoothly.

Tight temperature control is the primary benefit you can get from installing industrial chillers. These units are engineered to help maintain the ideal temperature within your industrial or commercial space, as well as your equipment so they function normally.

Chiller Components

Components of Industrial water chillers

The use of Industrial Water Chiller Units makes your business scalable. If you need to expand for further growth in the future, you can find a wide range of industrial chillers sizes to suit your needs and requirements. You will never have to worry about meeting your desired cooling capacity since there are plenty of options.

Installing large-scale industrial chillers also enable you to have continuous operation. As long as the system is running, you can ensure that the equipment and machinery you have will remain cool at all times. The system does all the work for you so you can focus on the operation of said equipment.

Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial Water Chiller

Why Choose Air Cooled chillers?

The air cooled chillers employ ambient air in order to cool the system’s refrigerant. It goes through the different components to generate cooling effect for your industrial processes. It can be used for any types of process-based cooling and can be installed as a standalone unit.

Why Choose Water Cooled Industrial chillers?

The water cooled industrial chillers use water in order to cool the refrigerant within the system. Unlike air cooled chillers, this one will require the use of cooling tower in order to remove excess heat. The unit itself takes up less space (versus air cooled chillers) but it has to have access to a reliable water source.

Portable Water Chillers Industrial

Portable Water Chillers Industrial


At Geson Chiller, we offer several years of experience and expertise when it comes to providing cooling solutions for a variety of industries and applications. If you are in the market for industrial chillers, you have come to the right place.

Our range of industrial chiller units offers different capacities to match the unique needs of your business or any other application. Take time to learn about how industrial chillers work and the many factors you need to consider before buying them.

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Geson industrial chillers has is widely applied in the Commercial facilities, Pharmaceutical clean room, Chemical industry, Plastic Injection and extruding industry, Artificial Real Ice Rink projects, Environmental simulation laboratory, Computer server room, Telecommunications stations, Food and Beverage processing cooling, Cold storage room, Die casting, Rubber, Printing and many other industries.

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