As the holiday season draws to a close, people from all walks of life will return to work. The National Health Committee held a press conference on the afternoon of February 2 to respond to hot issues.
Zhang Liubo, the chief disinfection expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the director of the disinfection center of the Institute of Environmental Protection, proposed that before using the central air conditioner, it is necessary to know the type of air conditioning, the air supply range, the air intake of the fresh air, the cooling pool and the sanitary indicators, and integrate the characteristics of the building. Evaluation to decide whether to enable central air conditioning.

He believes that central air-conditioning has strict design specifications, and if it is done in accordance with the specifications, it should be safe. The central air conditioners used in most domestic public places are basically fan coils and fresh air systems. At present, it is necessary to increase the amount of fresh air to reduce the disorderly overflow of indoor air. “But in the event of an epidemic situation, we should stop using it. We should not only sterilize the central air-conditioning system but also the entire environment in accordance with relevant requirements. After passing the evaluation, check whether the central air-conditioning can be turned on. ”

He also suggested that before entering the office building, there should be a place for taking body temperature to facilitate the early detection of fever patients and take relevant measures in a timely manner.

Zhang Liubo said: The buttons, door handles, manual faucets, and public telephones that are frequently in contact with the elevators in the office are the most frequently-disinfected areas. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection should be increased appropriately. The risks of the office are high and the collective Face-to-face discussions reduce the concentration of meals.

He also pointed out that the current situation is relatively tense, and there may be signs of excessive disinfection in some places. Disinfection is an important means to cut off the transmission route and control the spread of infectious diseases. However, disinfection must be targeted. For example, repeated spraying of disinfectants on the road. I have also heard that spraying disinfectants on car hoe is not meaningful. Big. In addition, the disease is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract. If the air is disinfected with a disinfectant, it must be an unmanned environment. If a person inhales a disinfectant or repeatedly sprays a disinfectant on a person’s body, there is a potential risk, and the risk cannot be quantitatively evaluated, and should be avoided if possible.