Attention of integrated water-cooled chiller system and operation

Many people in the industry have come into contact with integrated water-cooled chillers, so they are not unfamiliar with it. However, many people still do n’t know much about integrated water-cooled chillers. If you do n’t know it, let ’s take a look at today ’s Share it!

The integrated water-cooled chiller is also known as a water-cooled box chiller. It is aimed at different industries, such as: medical, biological, chemical, laser, metallurgy, mechanical equipment, electroplating, processing and other industries, cooling materials or equipment through To achieve the desired effect.

Attention of integrated water-cooled chiller system and operation

Attention of integrated water-cooled chiller system and operation

In the refrigeration system of the integrated water-cooled chiller, when in use, the refrigerant inside the evaporator absorbs heat to evaporate, and the refrigerant forms a certain temperature difference with the water. After the liquid refrigerant evaporates, it becomes a gas that is absorbed by the compressor and compressed , The gaseous state absorbs heat through the condenser, enters the evaporator through the expansion valve at low temperature and low pressure, and forms an alternate system. Such a circulating system can help everyone extend the life of the chiller!

When using the integrated water-cooled chiller, you must pay attention to the safety of use. Every time you operate, you must pay attention to check the safety device of the chiller. When the chiller is running, you must pay attention not to reach into the mold clamping. , After confirming that there is nothing foreign in all safety, the safety door can be closed.

The chiller has the advantages of high efficiency, good performance, low noise and energy saving. They are all well-known brand compressors and have certain reliability. When using the chiller, be sure to pay attention to the return water temperature of the chiller. If it is higher than 40 ° C, the damage to the compressor will become greater. Everyone must pay attention!

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