The chemical chiller can provide low-temperature cooling water, reduce the temperature of the chemical machinery. The process is to provide cooling water circulation, maintain its long-term operation. Therefore, chemical chillers have been widely used in the chemical industry.

In each chemical industry, there are also different names, mainly chemical coolers, chemical reactor coolers, reaction tank coolers, etc.

Application of chemical chiller in chemical mechanical cooling:

1. Low-boiling organics have rapid condensation, in the chemical reaction, the chemical chiller can precisely control the temperature;

2. The chemical chillers can largely determine the quality, output and cost of chemical products;

3. In the reactor kettle, the biochemical reaction needs to maintain low temperature conditions. The chiller can supply rapid cooling of the API, prevent drug deterioration, low temperature crystallization extraction, low temperature extraction and low temperature drug synthesis.

Geson chiller product range covers Industrial Refrigeration and Commercial Central air-conditioning, including:

Water-cooled chillers, Air-cooled chillers

Screw chillers, Scroll chillers;

Centrifugal chillers;

Water(ground) source heat pumps;

Air source heat pumps and etc.;

Capacity from 2tons~4000tons, and temperature from -160℃~30℃, complete full product series for customers.