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Our company can provide Ice Rink chiller, and ice rink project planning, design, construction, and maintenance services according to customer requirements (ice rink area 100 to 1800 square meters, ice rink cooling capacity (50 ~ 900KW).

The project includes civil engineering, waterproofing, anti-freezing, moisture-proofing, heat insulation, guardrails, frozen ice, defogging constant temperature, machine room construction, etc., also produces refrigeration hosts chiller and dehumidifiers dedicated to ice rinks, and can provide one-stop system solutions for ice rink operations.

Real ice rink chiller: Adopt imported high-efficiency compressors, economical semi-closed twin-screw compressors, German Bitzer / Taiwan Hanbell, high energy efficiency; more than 80% of the refrigeration components are internationally famous brands, Denmark Danfoss, American Alco, French Carly, American Emerson, And other international famous brands; combined with scientific and rigorous construction technology; ensuring the safety and reliability of the refrigeration system.

The latest CAD / CAM processing technology is used to complete the production of the CNC machining center. It has a compact structure and high reliability. It is equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency copper tubes to make the condenser. Large, long life, easy operation, stability, and other advantages. Advanced German PLC controllers; can realize the requirements of the continuous 24-hour operation of real ice rinks.

True ice rink cooling system: It adopts three sets of independent refrigeration system combined designs. When the ice is frozen, all three units work; when the load is maintained, two units work; during the transition season such as winter, one unit works. The refrigeration main unit adopts stepless energy regulation, which can perform the most reasonable work according to the actual load of the ice rink.

According to customer requirements, we can provide -5 ~ -15 degrees of process cold source/refrigerant as a refrigerant in the ice rink pipeline (glycol or saline solution)

Civil structure layer of Ice Rink:

1.60mm foundation leveling layer

2. 1.5㎜ thick quick-seal K12 waterproof coatings: ensure the tightness of the ice rink

3. 40mm electric heating layer + mortar protective layer: The heating start temperature setting the value of the electric heating layer is 5 to 6 ° C, and heating starts below this temperature to prevent secondary layer condensation

4. liquid waterproof layer K12: ensure the tightness of the ice rink

5. 150㎜ thick polystyrenes extruded board thermal insulation layer: ensure thermal insulation effect and ground strength

6. 40mm sliding layer + 1: 2 cement mortar protection layer: to ensure that the ice structure does not damage the structural layer due to freeze-thaw deformation

7. 100㎜antifreeze concrete layer, with ¢ 12,200 single-layer steel bar inside, to ensure the ice compressive strength

8. 40mm coil sand layer Built-in PE25 row pipe, the center distance is 65㎜, ensuring high precision of ice scene layer

9. 40-60mm true ice layer

Real ice rink auxiliary facilities: ice-repairing car, lighting, audio system, cash register system, monitoring system, entrance and exit turnstiles, skates, and ice-skating machines.

Our company has undertaken a number of real ice skating rink projects in the world, all have been well received by users. We have rich experience in design and construction. We offer professional products, a mature construction team, perfect pre-sale, middle-scale, and after-sales service, Our company has become the most advantageous ice rink chiller manufacturer in China, welcome to inquire.

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