Air source heat pump is the best choice for swimming pool

Air source heat pump is the best choice for Swimming pool

On a hot summer day, swimming venues such as stadiums, swimming pools, community pools, residential communities, and fitness swimming clubs in major cities have been opened one after another, and these venues welcome a large number of people who come to swim almost every day. Indeed, in hot weather, it is a good choice to swim in these swimming places, not only to cool off the heat, but also to strengthen the body.

In summer, all swimming pool clubs will be open to the outside world. In the cold winter, almost all swimming pools will be closed to the outside world to let the water dry. With the gradual popularization of the concept of green and low-carbon and comfortable home life, people’s awareness of fitness and health care has increased, swimming is not just a sports game, more and more people like swimming and fitness. As we all know, physical fitness is expensive, and the inability to swim in winter will disappoint many swimmers.

Air source heat pump is the best choice for swimming pool.

Air source heat pump is the best choice for swimming pool.

In recent years, with the constant development of constant temperature equipment for swimming pools, it is no longer a dream to be able to swim comfortably in a constant temperature environment in winter. With the increase of various public swimming pools, private swimming pools, and bathing, people’s requirements for energy-saving and environmental protection of swimming pool water temperature heating constant temperature equipment are becoming higher and higher. Many housing companies have also seen more and more citizens’ demand for heated swimming pools, so many new buildings, even improved ones, have been introduced into heated swimming pools.

With the popularization of national swimming activities, and the inclusion of swimming classes in the mandatory entrance exam, according to some domestic authoritative institutions, there will be tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of markets for constant temperature swimming pools in the next 5 to 10 years.

There are three main ways to heat a traditional constant-temperature swimming pool: 1. The use of fuel oil or a boiler with a heat exchanger is indirect heating, which requires a large amount of construction work, and because kerosene is a flammable and explosive item, the safety is poor; 2. The use of electric hot water Boiler plus heat exchanger is also indirect heating, general safety, no exhaust and other adverse phenomena, will not cause environmental pollution, service life is about four to five years; 3, direct combustion gas furnace, this heating method is direct Heating method, using natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, with small engineering volume, general safety, and cost performance is only slightly better than the above two;

The traditional heating method of constant temperature swimming pool has high operating cost, which is neither intelligent, nor environmentally friendly and energy saving. However, the water consumption of swimming place is large and the heat energy consumption is large. The traditional heating method of constant temperature swimming pool obviously cannot meet the demand. Is there any better way to heat the heated swimming pool? The answer is to use an air source heat pump to heat the heated swimming pool. Its unique energy-saving performance just meets the characteristics of the swimming pool. It uses the free heat energy in the air to continuously provide heat to the water, thereby achieving energy-saving effects and reducing operating costs.

There are often news reports on the Internet that the quality of the constant temperature swimming pool equipment in some swimming places is not good enough, which results in a poor constant temperature effect, and it is always cold and hot; some equipment manufacturers do not install the project in place, the after-sales service does not meet the standards, or the product quality is in question The water in the swimming pool is overheated, causing customers to get burned. Some severe cases have skin from redness to blisters, and then large areas of skin and pus.

In order to fundamentally prevent the recurrence of this situation, in recent years, more and more swimming pool operators, housing companies, etc., when choosing air source heat pump swimming pool thermostats, will choose better temperature control capabilities and better quality s brand. The widely-acclaimed air source heat pump swimming pool thermostat system is energy-saving, safe, and has a high energy efficiency ratio. The whole machine can be automatically controlled without special maintenance. It saves the extra cost of manual maintenance than traditional heating equipment.

The water quality of the swimming pool contains a lot of salt discharged by the human body. The heat exchanger of ordinary material can not meet the environment of this water quality, and it is easily damaged by corrosion and perforation. The high-quality swimming pool heating constant temperature circulation heat pump unit adopts internationally well-known brands of heat pump special compressors and applies flexible scroll technology, which can adapt to harsh environments and effectively guarantee the long-term service life of the product.
And the use of aviation material “titanium alloy” heat exchanger, corrosion resistance is very strong, suitable for use in swimming pools. Compared with the traditional constant temperature heating equipment, the maximum outlet temperature of a high-quality swimming pool heat pump is only 40 degrees. This temperature not only effectively prevents the occurrence of scald accidents, but also greatly improves the heating efficiency of the swimming pool heat pump (high-quality swimming pool heat pump heating efficiency 520%, ordinary heat pump 400%, traditional constant temperature heating equipment is less than 250%), which also greatly saves the operating costs of many swimming places.

At the same time, the high-quality air-heating thermostatic circulation heat pump unit is also equipped with a “triple disinfection filter protection” specially designed for swimming pool cleaning: disinfection and PH value adjustment system to disinfect the swimming pool water circulating into the swimming pool and automatically adjust the PH value to Neutral; sand tank filter, use special filter sand to eliminate tiny dirt or suspended particles (such as dandruff, dust, etc.) in the pool water; hair collector, filter the hair or other solid particles in the pool water to protect the follow-up The device is working properly.

The high-quality air can heat constant temperature circulation heat pump unit adopts microcomputer intelligent control, fully automatic intelligent operation, without manual management, the panel can adjust the temperature and time, various parameters can be directly operated and realized on the panel, and truly achieve all-round management and energy Tune control. At present, high-quality air-heated thermostatic circulation heat pump units have not only become the standard for swimming pools, swimming pools, community pools and other swimming places across the country, but also bloom in all parts of the country, but also in many saunas, baths and hot springs.
Facing the huge constant temperature swimming pool market, swimming pool heat pumps can be described as having very broad development prospects. When choosing a swimming pool heat pump, many dealers are best to be manufacturers with a long established time and a good market reputation, carefully combining the characteristics of the swimming pool and their own conditions. Choose, don’t blindly follow suit.

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