The coronavirus is not only a touchstone for the benign operation of the enterprise, but also an opportunity for the company to overtake the curve. During the SARS period, the refrigeration industry also suffered a very large impact, but after the coronavirus ended, the rebound of the industry was also very obvious. Therefore, industry experts predict that the industry will usher in a wave of “retaliatory” consumption after the end of the new coronavirus pneumonia coronavirus. Which areas and supporting equipment can take advantage of this opportunity?

Re-evaluation of the value of supermarkets and e-commerce from the coronavirus

Affected by the coronavirus, many people have reduced the need to go out to buy vegetables or gather meals. How to make people eat fresh vegetables at home every day has become a big demand. Many fresh food e-commerce platforms respond quickly, increase the supply of vegetable baskets, and deliver fresh vegetables to the home for the citizens. Cold chain logistics, which is responsible for fresh food transportation and distribution, plays a vital role in this.

The popularity of fresh e-commerce is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the popularity of offline supermarkets or community fresh stores and hypermarkets is also of concern. “Minimize the number of trips”, “Fear of the coronavirus, worry about stock-outs and price increases”, “People panic when others grab me”, “Purchase downstairs nearby” are the reasons for everyone to choose.

Industry insiders predict that this coronavirus will continue to cultivate people’s online shopping habits and offline shopping malls’ convenience store reserves. Therefore, practitioners need to grasp the pace of corporate development. The surge in supporting equipment such as cold storage, display cabinets, island cabinets, and seafood machines will also drive demand for fully-configured condensing units, scroll compressors, and valves.

While these supporting companies make good product and technology reserves, they also need to continue to use the media to spread their voices, upgrade their brands, and find reliable online platforms to adapt to changes in transaction models.

Medicine depots, cleaning and disinfection equipment, etc. are taking advantage

People take food as their priority, and sickness and medicine first. Under the coronavirus, the storage and transportation of medicines were once again pushed into the public eye. More and more people are found to be infected with the new type of pneumonia, and major hospitals need to store a large number of medicines and medicinal materials during this period in order to meet the emergency supply of patients. And how to ensure that medicines and drugs do not deteriorate during transportation and storage, it is necessary to keep the medicines in low-temperature cold storage for a long time.

In addition, Cold Chain Logistics also has the mission of transporting medicines and related materials to fight the coronavirus. With the follow-up work of virus detection, vaccine research and development, the application of virus detection kits will help to quickly distinguish common cold fever from new crown virus, which is of great significance in blocking transmission and reducing panic. Cold chain transportation equipment, constant temperature dehumidification cabinets, deep freeze cabinets for storing medicines, as well as remote monitoring systems and temperature sensing equipment, have all played a huge role in the coronavirus.

At the same time, the sales of sterilized air conditioners, purification equipment produced by some refrigeration companies, and disinfection products produced by chemical companies have greatly increased, contributing to winning this battle.

In the second half of 2020, two carriages will be escorted by infrastructure and consumption

For refrigeration companies, the reshuffle battle will begin, on the one hand, eliminating backward competitors, and on the other hand, concentrating resources on the leading companies. At the same time, the market will usher in retaliatory growth after the coronavirus has resumed trading.

Li Yang, chairman of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, believes that the current coronavirus may lower expectations for China ’s economic growth, but the fundamentals of China ’s economic resilience and overall health have not changed. Although the coronavirus has a major impact on the service industry, retaliatory consumption may occur later, and this gap is expected to be filled.

In addition, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting. The reporter sorted out two points worthy of attention. One is to do a good job in the production and supply of daily necessities. Responsible system, and earnestly grasp the organization of production, distribution and supply of main and auxiliary food. The second is to focus on key areas, optimize the investment of special bonds by local governments, make good use of investments in the central budget, mobilize the enthusiasm of private investment, and accelerate the construction of a number of major projects. It is necessary to promote the quality and expansion of service consumption, expand physical commodity consumption, and accelerate the release of emerging consumer potential.

After suffering, it is bright. Nowadays, refrigeration equipment manufacturers must not only seize opportunities, but also cultivate internal skills, increase research and development of related equipment, comprehensively enhance product competitiveness, and promote new leap in the market.