How to determine the temperature control range of high and low temperature chillers?

The chiller is a mechanical device that is often used in industrial production and commercial space temperature control. It is also because of the wide range of models and the wide variety of naming of the chiller. There are different names for the chiller, such as: Vortex chiller. Screw chiller. Centrifugal chiller. There are also different names for heat dissipation such as water-cooled chiller. Air-cooled chiller and so on. We often hear such naming methods in daily conversations with customers, high-temperature industrial chillers, medium-temperature industrial chillers, low-temperature industrial chillers. Today I will talk about the reasons for the naming of these three types of chillers And temperature control range, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

  1. High-temperature industrial chiller (5-30 ℃)

    of high and low temperature chi

    of high and low temperature chi

This chiller uses conventional refrigerants and can control the temperature between 5-30 ° C. That is to say, when adjusting the temperature control range, the minimum temperature of the industrial chiller is set at 5 ℃, and the maximum temperature is set at 30 ℃, which is the most widely used temperature control range in the industry. However, some requirements are controlled at 3 ℃, which needs to be proposed and determined when making industrial chiller plans.

  1. Medium temperature industrial chiller (0 ~ -15 ℃)

Water freezes at 0 ° C, which is a common sense understood by the elderly and children. So if industrial chillers are required to provide sub-zero cryogenic refrigerant, can this be achieved? The answer is of course yes. The temperature of the medium-temperature industrial chiller can be set between 0 ° C and -15 ° C. The coolant can be calcium chloride (brine) or ethylene glycol in water.

  1. Low-temperature industrial chiller (-15 ℃ —-35 ℃)

Can provide low-temperature industrial chillers below -15 ℃ ~ -35 ℃, usually used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for the temperature of the reactor material cooling or material condensation recovery.

There is also a relatively rare chiller, which is also named according to the temperature control range.

  1. Deep-low temperature industrial chiller (-35 ℃ has been dropped)

Industrial chillers that can provide low-temperature cryogenic fluids below -35 ° C are called deep cryogenic industrial chillers. They use binary cascade or ternary cascade refrigeration systems, so they are also called cascade industrial chillers. Usually some special chemical industry that needs extremely low temperature needs this kind of chiller.

To determine the temperature control range of high and low temperature chillers?

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