Do you know the importance of cooling towers for chillers?

Industrial chillers can be divided into several major systems, chilled water system refrigerant system cooling water system, we often talk about the chiller problem, focusing on chilled water system and refrigerant system There is less attention to the cooling water system, but the cooling water system plays a vital role in the operation of the chiller. The key equipment in the cooling water system is the cooling tower. Let’s talk about the cooling tower in detail today.

For high-speed water-cooled chillers, it needs the assistance of cooling towers. Because the industrial chiller in high-efficiency operation will generate a lot of heat itself, if the air cooling method is used, the overall cooling effect is poor, and it is affected by the ventilation environment. The use of air-cooled industrial chillers in poorly ventilated environments is not comparable to water-cooled industrial chillers in terms of cooling performance and durability of low-temperature environments. The external cooling water tower can be used to improve the operation efficiency of the water-cooled industrial chiller. When the industrial chiller is actually operated, due to the high heat generated by the industrial chiller, if it cannot be eliminated in a timely and effective manner, the operation efficiency of the industrial chiller will inevitably be affected. Especially for enterprises using a large number of industrial chillers, when a large amount of heat cannot be eliminated, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the temperature range of the use environment, affecting the durability and stability of the low-temperature environment, leading to an increase in the energy consumption of industrial chillers .

Do you know the importance of cooling towers for chillers?

Do you know the importance of cooling towers for chillers?

Cautions for using water-cooled industrial chillers to cool the water tower: Although the use of supporting cooling towers for industrial chillers can improve the operating efficiency and cooling effect of the equipment, when installing cooling towers for water-cooled industrial chillers, it is necessary to choose a more suitable one. position. The installation position of the cooling water tower must be higher than that of the industrial chiller, and the greater the height range, the faster the water flow of the cooling water tower, which is very helpful for rapid cooling. The water-cooled industrial chillers and cooling towers in a horizontal position not only have a low water flow rate, but may even cause the cooling water tower’s cooling water pump to be in an overloaded operating state and shorten the service life of the water pump.

In order to meet the operation requirements of industrial chillers, when installing the cooling water tower supporting the water-cooled chiller, it is also necessary to install water quality softening equipment. Only by keeping the water source used by the cooling water tower fully meets the equipment operation requirements can we avoid the irreparable losses caused by various scale problems on the water-cooled industrial chiller and maintain the long-term efficient and stable operation of the chiller.

The configuration of high-quality cooling water tower can keep the operation of the freezer safe and stable. Especially in the state of high efficiency operation of the cooling water tower, the low temperature effect of the industrial chiller is better, and the cooling of the same space range is more rapid, which can meet the cooling needs of different spaces in the enterprise and ensure that the enterprise can complete all production tasks safely.

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