Water source heat pump: absorb heat from water

The water source heat pump uses the shallow water source on the earth’s surface.

GESON Water Source Heat Pumps

GESON Water Source Heat Pumps

Such as low-grade thermal energy resources formed by the absorption of solar and geothermal energy in groundwater, rivers and lakes,

Using the principle of heat pump,

Through a small amount of high-level power input,

A technology that realizes the transfer of low-level thermal energy to high-level thermal energy.

The high temperature in summer transfers the heat in the building to the water source to achieve the cooling effect.

In winter, energy is extracted from relatively stable, warm water sources,

After raising the temperature, it is sent to the building to achieve the effect of heating.

Similarly, according to the different heat distribution objects, water source heat pumps can be divided into two types: water-air heat pumps and water-water heat pumps.


Advantages: Suitable for areas with rich river resources.

Disadvantages: Due to environmental restrictions, if the river is small or does not flow, it is easy to cause freezing for long-term heat absorption.